5 Tips on Marketing Your Brand with Instagram

Many companies are turning to Instagram – the mobile photo-sharing application that has garnered worldwide media attention – to market their brands and services. Here are 5 helpful tips on successfully adding Instagram to your marketing strategy.


Instagram introduced hashtags to make photos visible to a larger audience. Simply snap a photo of the beach, tag #beach in a comment and click on the hashtag to be taken to a page containing all other photos tagged #beach. Hashtags not only allow masses of people to access your photos but also may gain followers for your Instagram account. Use hashtags with your Orange County brand name and slogans to appeal to many sets of eyes and to execute marketing campaigns.

Campaigns and contests

In late 2011, Ford held a 6-week contest on Instagram (called “Fiestagram”) where users uploaded photos that captured the qualities of the new Ford Fiesta. Users were encouraged to snap photos that represented the high-tech features of the Fiesta in exchange for weekly prizes and a Ford Fiesta, the grand prize for one lucky winner. Upwards of 16,000 photos were submitted via weekly hashtags and Ford successfully marketed the Fiesta’s advanced technology and state of the art characteristics. Generate a following for your Orange County brand by developing a photo campaign that permits fans to interact with your company on a deeper level.

Share photos on other platforms

Instagram is largely a mobile application—there is no online database where uploaded photos are stored. However, users have the option of connecting their photos with their other social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. Providing a link between your company’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts allows for connectivity and fluidity of your brand and may even earn you more followers. Ford displayed is “Fiestagram” information on its Facebook page, providing a link between two separate social media realms. In just 6 weeks, Ford saw an astronomical increase of traffic on its Facebook page and gained over 120,000 fans. Increase your Orange County website and social media popularity by weaving all of your company platforms together.

Go beyond the product

People love Instagram because it allows for simple, artistic expression. For the average Instagramer, it’s a tool used to document everyday life and to express one’s point of view. Try to take this same approach when marketing your Orange County brand through Instagram. Upload photographs beyond your actual product: show your fans why your company is important, what you’re all about. Billabong, a surf clothing company, uses its Instagram account in this very way: almost all of the photographs capture surfers riding giant waves, ultimately embodying the surfer mentality of freedom, determination and seizing the day.

Connect with your followers

Instagram is not just about sharing your pictures for the world to see; it’s also about following other users. Connect with your fans on a deeper level by paying attention to what they are uploading. Follow them, like their photos, leave comments, answer their questions, learn from them: notice your users as much as they notice you.

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