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By Ben |  Nov 16, 2021 (5 min read)

Understanding the Ecommerce Audience in 2021

Ecommerce |  Magento |  Marketing

In 2021, when you think about something you want or need, what do you do? Chances are you immedia...

By Ben |  Jun 24, 2021 (5 min read)

20 Social Media Statistics to Know in 2021

Business |  Marketing |  Social Media

Today's social media networks have expanded from simply connecting people to offering businesses a way to...

By Ben |  Apr 22, 2021 (4 min read)

How MetaData Helps Improve Website Rankings

Marketing |  SEO |  Trends

Every time you are considering watching a new movie, you will likely first watch a trailer for it. A movi...

By Ben |  Mar 29, 2021 (5 min read)

What is Alexa Rank? How To Improve Your Alexa Rank in 2021

Marketing |  SEO |  Trends

Every business owner knows that ranking well in search engines is essential. If you can't be found in ...

By Ben |  Mar 25, 2021 (5 min read)

How To Do SEO Competitor Analysis

B2B Marketing |  Business |  Marketing |  SEO

Once you have an established business website, very often, the goal becomes to rank well on Google. Al...

By Ben |  Feb 8, 2021 (5 min read)

Why are Podcasts so Popular in 2021?

Marketing |  Social Media |  Trends

Let's be honest. You probably aren't going to read this whole article. But what if it was read to you out loud while driving to work, wo...

By Ben |  Jan 21, 2021 (5 min read)

A Guide to Starting An Ecommerce Business in 2021

Ecommerce |  Marketing

Starting an ecommerce business seems like a dream business. You set up a website; people click to buy,...

By Ben |  Dec 28, 2020 (5 min read)

10 Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2021

Digital Marketing Training |  Marketing |  Trends

In 2021, Digital Marketing is no longer a niche field. Thanks to the events of the past year, more than ever businesses are moving to an ...

By Ben |  Oct 20, 2020 (5 min read)

Increase Your Mobile Conversions with Google Lead Forms

Marketing |  PPC |  Trends

It’s no secret today that most of us are glued to our mobile devices. In fact, mobile-based web browsing ...

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