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The Best Types of Display Ads To Promote Your Business in 2020

The best thing about display advertising is the variety of ad types you can test out. These rich-media display ads can offer a more engaging experience to capture your target audience’s attention and drive conversions.

benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency

The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

There are many benefits to hiring a marketing agency that you may not be able to gain from attempting to do all your marketing yourself in-house.

The Top PPC Agencies in California

The Top PPC Agencies in California

If you are considering a PPC campaign for your business, understanding the PPC process and targeting the right demographics are very important. Any good PPC agency will help you decide on the best kind of paid campaigns.

Which social media platform is best for business?

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Business?

Does social media activity equate to money in the bank for your business? Yes, it can, as long as you know which platforms are best to grow your business, and you use them effectively.

bal seal engineering

Case Study: How Bal Seal Engineering Streamlined Online Conversions

Working together with Brandastic, Bal Seal Engineering were able to simplify their customer intake process and streamline the buying process. Here’s how we worked together to make it happen.

Hiring a Marketing Agency Vs. In House

Hiring a Marketing Agency Vs. In House Marketing Team

Does it make more sense to hire a person on your team to handle all the marketing? Or is it smarter to hire a marketing agency who can help you?
Both are excellent choices, depending upon your needs and long-term business strategy.

How to Get More from your Google My Business Listing

Grow your Reach with Google My Business

You might have noticed that when you type a business name or a product into Google, you get a unique type of result.  Instead of a snippet or…

Locate Inventory: Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Case Study

Locate is an Enterprise-Level Inventory and Workflow Management that helps customers streamline accounting, sales, and warehousing. Locate met with Brandastic in search of a digital marketing agency that…

Friar Tux – Michael Kors: Social Media Marketing Case Study

Brandastic was tasked with creating a groundbreaking social media campaign to generate high-quality leads for one of our client’s most successful products. That client was Friar Tux, one…

Chatbots for Business

How Can Chatbots Help Your Business?

Using the best of machine learning and AI to your advantage, and helping your customers feel cared for, you are guaranteed to increase your sales and brand trust.

Case Study: How KIA MOTORS Doubled Organic Traffic in 120 Days

Case Study: How KIA Doubled Organic Traffic in 120 Days

Being able to double (2X) organic traffic for a site in 120 days is no easy task. But with a well thought-out plan, these types of organic search…

The Rise of Subscription Box Ecommerce

The Rise of Subscription Box Ecommerce

Twenty-five years ago, the world was obsessed with one-off purchases. We went to stores to buy books, makeup, clothes, video games, and food. The experience of browsing and…

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