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Locate Inventory: Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Case Study

Locate is an Enterprise-Level Inventory and Workflow Management that helps customers streamline accounting, sales, and warehousing. Locate met with Brandastic in search of a digital marketing agency that…

Friar Tux – Michael Kors: Social Media Marketing Case Study

Brandastic was tasked with creating a groundbreaking social media campaign to generate high-quality leads for one of our client’s most successful products. That client was Friar Tux, one…

Case Study: How KIA MOTORS Doubled Organic Traffic in 120 Days

Case Study: How KIA Doubled Organic Traffic in 120 Days

Being able to double (2X) organic traffic for a site in 120 days is no easy task. But with a well thought-out plan, these types of organic search…

The Rise of Subscription Box Ecommerce

The Rise of Subscription Box Ecommerce

Twenty-five years ago, the world was obsessed with one-off purchases. We went to stores to buy books, makeup, clothes, video games, and food. The experience of browsing and…

Traditional vs digital marketing

Is Digital Marketing replacing Traditional Marketing?

Can you remember the last magazine ad that you read? How about the last TV commercial? Do you wait next to your mailbox for the latest junk mail…

Getting your local Google listings to work for you

Getting Your Local Google Listings to Work For You

Whenever you search for a service or product on Google, you will see a different type of result than the normal search results. You will notice there is…

SEO search engine marketing

Five Reasons Why People Avoid Doing SEO

When looking for ways to grow the reach of your business, many people think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t worth the time and investment it takes. Because…

lead generation process

Improve Lead Generation Through Lead Nurturing

  In today’s competitive market, launching your business through the web requires treating your website as an ongoing relationship. Creating a powerful lead generation website begins by investing…

google analytics tips

Check Your Site Statistics with Google Analytics (Part Two)

If you still haven’t found a good reason to use Google Analytics, we’re hoping this post will change your mind. In Part One, we talked about a few…

Google analytics tips

Check Your Site Statistics With Google Analytics (Part One)

Have you been wondering which of your marketing strategies has generated the most leads to your website? Are you curious to learn more about your online audience? Google…

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