8 Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand

8 Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand

In 2020, the ability to get attention and grow your online influence is available to everyone via social media. The problem is there is a lot more competition when it comes to growing your influence. Here’s how to stand out with your personal brand.

What is TikTok? Why is it so popular?

What is TikTok? Why Is It So Popular?

TikTok is a glimpse into what it means to be growing up in today’s hyper-connected world. In this article, we cover the history of TikTok, and how users and advertisers are benefitting from the platform.

Tesla Cyber Truck 2021

Innovation is Good Marketing: Tesla Brand Review

Ask anybody who owns a Tesla, and they will have a reason for buying beyond driving. For a company that spends zero dollars on marketing, it is astounding…

The Top 10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Apps in 2020

The Top 10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Apps in 2020

All these marketing apps can help you to run your business directly from your phone while traveling or outside the office. You can create, track, audit and stay connected with your customers while on the go.

understanding ecommerce audience in 2019

Understanding the Ecommerce Audience in 2020

In 2020, when you think about something you want or need, what do you do? Chances are you immediately grab your phone or sit down at a laptop…

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

2020 is an exciting time to be in business. As with all technology trends, the only way to stay on top of them is to keep experimenting. 

The Ten Best Ways to Advertise Your Business in 2020

As we move towards 2020, here are the ten most popular advertising platforms and how to use them to market your business.

make your content more readable

What is Readability? Why Does it Matter?

The way we read online is very different from how we read in print. Learning to improve your readability will help pique and keep the interest of the reader.

How To Use Messenger Apps To Grow Your Business

How To Use Messenger Apps To Grow Your Business [VIDEO]

The focus of messenger apps should always be to create a connection with your customers and to offer convenience. Over the long term, this approach will create a relationship and will grow your business.

threads by instagram how to use it

Create a Closer Connection with Threads from Instagram

At first look, the app is another iteration by Instagram’s parent company Facebook to capture more of the market from Snapchat. But, if Threads from Instagram takes off, it could potentially evolve direct messaging on Instagram.

How Has Instagram Changed in 2019?

2019 has seen a lot of evolution of the Instagram platform. Changes that could potentially shift the way the entire platform works. Here are four significant trends we are noticing for Instagram in 2019.

3 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement in 2019

3 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

What can a business do to grow engagement through Facebook Pages? Is there still value in posting on your Facebook business page?

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