remarketing display ads

Your Secret Weapon for Cheaper Conversions on Adwords [VIDEO]

Remarketing is a great way to reengage with audiences that have already engaged with your brand. They can help you make the most out of your marketing dollars.

How to use Google's AI to maximize your adwords campaign

How To Use Google’s AI to Maximize PPC Results [VIDEO]

Automated bidding strategies have been around for a while, and can be really valuable to help you handle large campaigns, save time, and to ensure you are getting the most value from your ad spend.

How to Get The Most Value from Your Pay Per Click Conversions

How to Get The Most Value from Your Pay Per Click Conversions [VIDEO]

If you are using the Google Ads platform, it’s important that you get the most value you can from each PPC ad that you run.

what is quality score for google ads?

What is Quality Score? Why is it Important? [VIDEO]

Quality score is a rating that Google gives to each of your keywords in your advertising campaign. It’s essentially Google’s assessment of how relevant your ads are to the keywords that people are searching for.

3 PPC campaign mistakes

3 Mistakes to Avoid with PPC Campaigns in 2019 [VIDEO]

Setting up your first PPC campaign can be intimidating. You’re playing with real money in real time. Knowing what to do when setting up your campaign is essential.…

Three Frameworks for Better SEO

Three Frameworks for Better SEO Decisions

Keeping up to date with all the best SEO practices can be an overwhelming task. SEO today is so multi-faceted that it can be tough just to narrow…

Is SEO Dead?

3 Reasons Why SEO isn’t Dead [VIDEO]

You may have seen this question floating around online in different forms: “Is SEO a dying strategy?’ ‘Is SEO a waste of time?’ ‘Is it still worth investing…

How is SEO being affected by voice search?

How does Voice Search affect SEO?

“Hey Siri” “Alexa…” “Ok, Google” These three phrases didn’t have any common meaning less than seven years ago. It was only when Apple introduced Siri in 2011 as…

Four ways to find the right keywords for your website

4 Tips to Finding the Right Keywords [VIDEO]

You might have noticed that everyone is doing SEO for their website. Your competitors are doing SEO, your friends are doing SEO, even the kid with the lemonade…

The Difference between on-page and off-page SEO

The Difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO [VIDEO]

A lot of business starting out with Search Engine Optimization get confused about the best way to get results and increase their Google rankings. If you want to…

Google Algorithm updates panda hummingbird

3 Google Algorithm Updates for Ecommerce Business [VIDEO]

Over the years, Google has continued to update its search algorithm. Their aim has always been to make search results more effective, and to reduce the amount of…

What are the four search intents in Google?

What are the 4 Search Engine Intents? [VIDEO]

You might have noticed lately that Google is getting weirdly accurate with its search results. One of the reasons this is happening is because Google has started to…

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