Senior Graphic Designer

Megan is a Southern California based graphic designer who specializes in branding and web design. She graduated from Chapman University with her Bachelor of Fine Arts and has been working in the industry ever since. In her free time she enjoys spending mornings at the beach and evenings at home with her family.


Megan’s Favorite Things

Outdoor Activity



Carrot Cake

TV Series


Vacation Destination

Kauai, HI

Articles Written by Megan

By Megan |  Jul 16, 2014 (5 min read)

Optimizing your Site for Online Customer Experience


So you now have a polished, well-designed website that gives you a cutting edge. Your site viewers might ...

By Megan |  Feb 5, 2014 (3 min read)

How to Create a Brand Identity

Branding |  Marketing

Embedded in the roots of every brand is a powerful story. This story represents everything the brand is now, and everything that it aspir...

By Megan |  Aug 27, 2013 (5 min read)

Client Testimonials For Your Orange County Website


If your business has a stellar website but no showcase for client testimonials, you may want to start making some room. Client testimonia...

By Megan |  Jun 12, 2013 (5 min read)



If you feel intimidated by Twitter or can’t seem to understand what makes it so different from the rest of social media, stay tuned. With...

By Megan |  Nov 30, 2012 (5 min read)

Pinterest Business Page: A Boon to your Orange County Marketing


Pinterest recently released its new Business page. If your company is not on Pinterest, it should be. Pinterest has over 10 million users...

By Megan |  Jun 28, 2012 (5 min read)

Expand Your Brand’s Following With Pinterest


From April 22 through May 6, Jetsetter, a website that compiles insider information on popular travel destinations and deals, held a “pin...

By Megan |  May 1, 2012 (5 min read)

Boost Your Orange County Website’s SEO with Chartbeat


There are many applications designed to examine website traffic and efficiency; however, one application captures a bird’s eye view of yo...

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