Business Goal Writing for the New Year

With a new year comes a new beginning. To keep your company growing and on track you need to establish clear goals to strive for. Clear, managed goals give your company a sense of momentum, boosting company productivity and keep your business on track. Check out a simple way to write effective goals for 2015.

A proper way to write business goals is to follow the SMART acronym.

S – Specific

Goals should be specific. A proper objective will refrain from abstract ideas (ie Make more money) and lean toward specificity so that workers know exactly what to do to achieve the goal. This will also lead into quick referencing and assessment to see if an objective is on track.

M – Measurability

In line with specificity, it is much easier to know how short of a goal you are, if you have numbers to play with. “Increase sales by 15%” is a measurable goal, and you can easily break it down to how many extra sales you need to make per month.

A – Action-Oriented

Organize what tasks need to be completed or reworked to meet the intended goal. This gives employees a chance to actively participate and fuel the fire. It also helps to manage the objective in pieces, and assess along the way.

R – Realistic

Goals need to be challenging, but attainable. Too short of a goal, and your resources are wasted. Too large of a goal, and people lose perspective.

T – Time Specific

Place deadlines to keep things on track. Allow sufficient time for new policies to be cemented, or new ideas to come to fruition.

Remember that the goals you place are related to the environment you want to foster. Commission based goals precludes collaborative work, marketing targeted goals change existing collateral etc. Consider the type of environment you want to nurture, and the goals will stem from there. Brandastic is a multidisciplinary design studio with expertise in custom website design and brand marketing. Our Orange County based studio continues to grow and has set its sights high for the New Year. If you are ready to bring in the New Year with a new website, contact Brandastic and see how we can Ignite your Potential®!

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