3 SEO Trends for 2020

3 Important SEO Trends for 2020 [VIDEO]

To compete in the modern business world, you must continually tweak your strategy to stay ahead of your competitors. Here are three SEO trends that we have noticed are gaining traction, and will become essential in 2020 and beyond.

Why Browser testing is important for your business

Why Browser Testing is Important for Your Business [VIDEO]

As you probably already know, a web browser is an application you use to access the world wide web. A lot of people think of the browser itself…

Three misconceptions about UX design

Three misconceptions about UX design

If you ask most business owners what the most valuable part of their business is, they are probably inclined to say something tangible. Maybe it’s the building, the…

website revamp

How to Prepare for a Website Revamp

Many business owners feel like their web design doesn’t really matter as much as good customer service, quality products or competitive prices. However, the truth is that a…

Website updates

Why You Need to Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

Imagine you just bought a new car. You probably want to keep it clean, get it serviced and ensure it’s parked somewhere safe. This feeling probably lasts for…

Brandastic Teaches At Chapman University

We are pleased to announce Justin, Brandastic’s Founder and President has accepted a position as a lecturer at Chapman University for Fall 2014. Teaching Web Design and Development…

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