Create your Marketing Plan for 2014!

The close of a year is always the perfect time to set goals for the next. Outlined below are some social media marketing strategies to consider for your Orange County business next year.

Facebook Strategy

Facebook is used to build relationships with customers, both current and prospective. The power in Facebook allows you to select target demographics and promote posts. Facebook is great for driving traffic to your Orange County website and for creating a special place for your customers to gather – another easy way to stay present in the minds of your customers. The question is, what is the purpose of your page? Really – what are you trying to accomplish with your Facebook page? How many people are on your page or have liked your page? How are you attracting new people? Some ideas to consider are: adding articles, blog posts, statistics, and images. A few goals that you might set for your Facebook marketing – 1) Post something (anything!) every day, 2) Hire someone to post items for you, 3) Commit to scheduling posts ahead of time with tools like Hootsuite.

Twitter Strategy

Twitter is the annoyingly addictive social media platform that limits messages to 140 characters. Twitter is a great place to share information, web links, or thoughts. The purpose of Twitter is to provide a place to interact in real time – as in, you have to actually stay active on Twitter for it to be useful for your Orange County business.  What is the purpose of your Twitter account – help keep your customers abreast of new developments? Stay current in the industry? Find new customers? How are you currently growing your following? Some goals that you could plan out for 2014 – 1) Tweet once a day, 2) Follow someone once a day, 3) Ask someone new to follow you once a week.

SEO Strategy for Your Orange County Website

What is your current search engine optimization strategy? Do you have one? (Hint – one goal might be to create one in the new year) If you have a current strategy, what are your top ten keywords? What is your page ranking? Do you track your page rankings? How often? A few goals for your Orange County marketing might be to 1) Optimize your website, 2) Track your website rankings weekly, 3) Redesign your website for better user flow from determining where your customers bounce or leave your website.

Whichever of these items you decide to pursue as part of your online marketing strategy, select one to start with, and commit to achieving it for at least 30 days.

Best of luck in 2014! will help you to jump into 2014 with a fresh website and approach to your Orange County marketing. Brandastic is a Southern California based company focused on relationship, excellence, and service. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandastic.

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