Creating Some Love for Your Orange County Website: Facebook Superfans

If you are an Orange County Business looking to generate some major traffic for your Facebook marketing efforts, consider these tips below regarding how to build superfans. Without superfans, you will just be spinning your wheels on your Facebook campaign. What is a superfan?  Someone that has given you permission to use/view their data, that has bought a product from you and that has convinced someone else to buy from you as well. How do you cultivate these? Keep reading.

Personalize Your Communication
In order to create a superfan, you must cultivate a real conversation.  A relationship. You must be authentic, and it must take time. Each post should have your personality. You should also include some personal posts in with your business oriented posts. People love communicating with a real person, and people love to interact with real people.

You must engage your audience. This is the more time consuming element of maintaining your Facebook marketing for your Orange county website and Orange County business, but if a fan posts, you should post. If a fan says ‘thank you,’ you should say, ‘you are welcome.’ You can also ask for comments, ideas about new products, and updates on your customers.

Give Away Some Free Stuff
This might sound crazy, but you should start off by giving some valuable content to your users for free. This is easy if you are an information or service based business. Host a webinar or provide videos on your Facebook page. If you are a brick and mortar store that sells merchandise, have a free giveaway in exchange for information (i.e. sign up on our email list for the chance to be offered a free giveaway). Give your fans something for nothing, and you will create automatic good will towards your brand. Isn’t Orange County Business X great?! Look at what I got from them. They are so nice. I am definitely going there next time.

Support Your Customers
Highlight a fan of the week. Ask for more information. Take a picture of them using your product. Or do a ‘Weekly Fan Feature’ where you showcase the individual or group or company and ask them what they like about your product/service.

Finally, Blow them Away with Branding
You can grab attention and really make your Facebook page stand out if you pay attention to branding. You can create custom tabs for your Orange County business Facebook page, you can use a banner, you can add videos, pictures, links to other social media sites, etc. However, use your same colors, logos, images, and font styles of your original branding. You want to provide something new, not necessarily something different.

We hope these tips support your efforts in building Superfans on Facebook this February. And if you are looking for some extra help in boosting your Orange county marketing efforts and cultivating Superfans, contact Brandastic! builds world-class brands that could help cultivate some superfans for your Orange County website. Brandastic is a Southern California based company focused on relationship, excellence, and service. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandastic.

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