Cyber Monday Crashes, Stay Live!

With the recent online mayhem that is known as Cyber Monday, even the mighty retailers Target, PayPal, and Neiman Marcus websites have fallen. With more and more consumers taking their holiday shopping online, nothing can prepare a business for the skyrocketing traffic they receive on this day. While Cyber Monday has one of the highest online revenue sales, it is also has the highest percentage of online malfunctions and site crashes.

With such a rapid increase of online shopping, many retailers are having difficulty keeping their sites running properly due to how complex they are becoming. What’s more is that consumers are continually choosing to shop through their mobile devices, which only creates a larger margin for error.

“According to a Dynatrace poll of more than 5,000 shoppers, 75 percent of all smartphone and tablet users said they would abandon a retailer’s mobile site or app if it was buggy, slow or prone to crashes.”

Although it can begin as a minor overlook, for many retailers it can quickly become a serious revenue loss. One big problem is that as consumers begin to visit mobile sites, they are not choosing to download the mobile app. Building a site that is fully equipped for web and mobilization can be very tricky. Many smaller retailers are opting to use cloud systems, which are less costly but also provide less control over troubleshooting.

Whether you are a small or large retailer, you should have the power over your own website. With the rapid growth of online consumerism, systems need to be equipped to handle the influx of business. Invest in the security and mobilization of your website, call Brandastic and see how we can Ignite your Potential®.


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