Don’t Overlook Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is the most popular social media website? With over one billion users and consistent updates and improvements, the site is a marketing opportunity you don’t want your business to pass up on.

woman looks down at smartphone in front of Facebook logo

Here are a couple of Facebook tips that can help improve your Orange County marketing.

Personalize Your URL
Sure, when it comes to Facebook you can’t customize your page to look totally different from the rest, but there are a few techniques to help make it stand out. Aside from profile pictures and cover photos, Facebook allows pages with 25 fans or more to customize their own personalized web address. With a short line or slogan, you can promote your business through your URL. Not only does this help your business with SEO, but it also gives your page a unique title rather than a bunch of random numbers scrunched together. A technique to consider would be to add a capital letter to the front of each word you include to make it easier for people to read. For example, instead of “wegroomdogs” you can write “WeGroomDogs.” Be sure to pick a URL that you are satisfied with because once you create one you will not be able to change it again.

Don’t Be A Robot
Though you may think robots are cool, that is not the case when it comes to social media. Social media is all about being… well, social. Nobody wants a robotic answer when connecting with your business. A personalized answer is very important. When responding to people on Facebook, you can make your messages even more personal by adding “@” in front of the name of the person you are responding to. Facebook even allows you to reply to individual people now to avoid spamming everyone who has commented on your status. Don’t forget about private messages, too! Some people may be shy or may want to hire your business for a project personally, that is why messages are very important to check. Remember to respond with a business friendly voice so that people will not be afraid to interact. Ask open-ended questions instead of yes or no questions to spark up more communication. Stay up to date with your page and be ready to engage with others!

One of the latest features to emerge on Facebook is the already popular hashtag. Following Twitter’s clever strategy, Facebook now uses hashtags, too. Though it may seem like they have hit the marketing jackpot, Facebook’s hashtags have not been proven to be the best marketing strategy yet. This is due to all of the private accounts on the social media site. On Twitter, tweets are publicized by default – but that is not the case with Facebook. Those who have accounts that are private will not be able to interact with your business through hashtags. Therefore, for there to be a hashtag frenzy, businesses will have to find ways to get people to publicize their statuses by changing their settings. Looking on the bright side, there is still a good percent of Facebook users out there who do not have private accounts and can still reach your business through hashtags. Though it is not the most effective way to market at the moment, it will still reach out to a number of people, which is always better than none. builds world-class brands and brings attention to your business just like Facebook. Brandastic is a Southern California based company focused on relationship, excellence, and service. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandastic.

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