Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign: Tips from Samsung and Others

As 2012 draws to a close, small Orange County business owners should all take time to reflect on their past year, the successes and the challenges. Here are some tips to consider as you enter 2013!

1) Foster super fans on Facebook
Socialmediaexaminer.com suggests some ways to create super fans on Facebook. Post photos and create a human element to your business Facebook page. Focus on generating new content, frequently post content, and vary the content with videos, audio, and print. Make sure that your Facebook page looks similar to your business website to keep the branding consistent. Use the same font, pictures, etc.

2) Fix your online outlet
Mashable.com recently posted some videos that mimic the online experience. Is your website easily searchable? Have you thought about the visual experience of your website? Is the flow to your website logical, or are customers hopping around trying to find things? Is your checkout process littered with pop-ups, reminders, waivers, and fill-in boxes? Consider how your users experience your Orange County website, and think about how to make the user interface as pleasurable as possible.

3) Flaunt your product
Hubspot recently posted memorable marketing campaigns; the Samsung Galaxy S III was launched at the same time of the iPhone 5. Instead of bashing the competition, Samsung took the high road. Some lessons to learn? Don’t directly target your competitor – figure out what they are marketing (i.e. new, exciting, etc.) and launch a marketing campaign to target that aspect. Think – if your competition is marketing purple ponies, your campaign should mention how purple ponies are so last season. Second, capitalize on differences. What sets you apart? Emphasize that aspect. Also, keep it lighthearted. Samsung used humor in their ads to sell their products, which is always a better strategy than being negative.

Brandastic.com wishes you a fantastic New Year and is excited to help your Orange County Business and branding reach new heights in 2013. Brandastic is a Southern California based company focused on relationship, excellence, and service. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandastic.

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