Hashtag Happiness for Orange County businesses

You should already have a Twitter account for your Orange County business. (If you don’t, stop reading this and go get one.)

If you want to optimize your Twitter account, you should consider using hashtags. What’s a hashtag? It’s the number sign (#) that is paired with a word or phrase in your Twitter post that helps with searching, categorizing, and marketing.

Put your hashtag in front of your business name. #Brandastic uses hashtags. This helps Tweeters search for your business and related information. You can also create a unique hashtag during a campaign. #free cupcakes. People will find it.

1) Target Useful Conversations
Use the hashtag to follow other tweets that you are truly intrigued by. #Orange County website should find tweets about businesses in the area. #networking just might help you meet fellow tweeters nearby.

2) Do Not Enter Hashtag Hyperdrive
You should not include more than one or two hashtags per tweet. Also, make your tweet short. #OrangeCountyWebsiteDesignandMarketing might be less effective than #marketing as people might stop reading. In other words, #donotaddtoomanyletterstoyourhashtagoritgetsconfusinganddefeatsthepurpose. (Do not add too many letters to your hashtag or it gets confusing and defeats the purpose.) See?

3) Make Your Own Hashtag
This is a great way to boost an ad campaign. #cupcakes is a campaign that a bakery might use. Your tweet could be something like “Tweet #shoes. 5,000 tweets starts a BOGO 24 hour sale.” You can also ask people to use the hashtag if they submit ideas for a contest. #YourBusinessBlackFriday can be included in your tweets a week before the actual day so people can start sharing about the great sales your business is offering.

4) Build Your Brand with Hashtags
Not only can your personal hashtags mentioned above create a unique Twitter presence for your business, don’t stop there. List people to
follow on your Tweets. Mention cool products. Highlight other related businesses. Host contests #uniqueproductuse, start conversations
#favoriteorangecountyrestaurant to encourage engagement, and reach out directly to people #HappyThanksgivingbusinesspartner.

#Brandastic builds world-class brands and websites. Brandastic is a Southern California based company focused on relationship, excellence, and https://brandastic.comwp-admin/post-new.phpservice. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandastic.

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