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How to Attract More Visitors to Your Website in 2022

For most of us, the pre-digital era is now something that is a fading memory. The days when we visited libraries or read encyclopedias to look up facts are far behind us. 

As of 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users in the world. This number of people means approximately 50 percent of the global population has access to the internet.

All this online activity means more opportunities for businesses. Widespread internet makes websites and apps a necessity for many individuals, and the businesses who capitalize will grow their reach dramatically.

Regardless of which niche you belong to, having a vast subscriber base is essential for your business’s success. Therefore, you must actively learn how to increase subscribers and attract visitors to your website.

In this article, we will look at some actionable ways to boost site traffic, get more subscribers and website visitors, and grow your brand in 2022.

Build a User-Friendly Website

One of the easiest ways to increase website traffic, and the number of visitors to your website is to make it easy to read and navigate. One of the most important steps is to ensure your site uses a responsive design. You can also work on making your content more readable.  Potential customers will trust you more when you deliver great content in a 

Clear, high-resolution images and video are also helpful to keep people on your website for longer. And the longer the dwell time, the better your SERP rankings will become. The better you rank on search engines, the higher your web traffic. 

Create Calls To Action

As you post more content on your site, you will notice that specific blog posts, web pages, and vlogs will tend to get more traffic than others. 

Even though it’s a good idea to keep adding new content to your site, the highest-ranking pages won’t always be the latest ones you publish. This is because Google takes time to rank new pages in the SERP rankings. 

By analyzing your website’s analytics, you can find your top posts and optimize them for gaining new subscribers. Keep monitoring which pages are getting the most attention, and add a call-to-action (CTA) encouraging visitors to become subscribers. If you miss this step, you are losing out on a big opportunity. 

There are different types of CTAs you can choose from. Whether it is to sign up for a newsletter, book a call with your team, or claim some specific offer, you can choose which one works best for your business.

To target new site visitors and convert them into subscribers, or prospects, include a data capture form within each web page. You can add it in the sidebar, footer, or header of your site. 

Keep in mind that most people are more likely to focus on the header and footer than sidebars. You can also have a pop-up that triggers before a person begins to exit your page.

Collaborate Via Guest Posting

You might wonder why you should bother taking the time to create content for other people’s websites? The answer is because you can then leverage their audience.

Guest posting is similar to receiving a referral. It is essentially creating social proof and can build brand trust for visitors to the other site. And the good news is that there are many sites in your niche or industry that need new content. 

Guest blogging on another website helps widen your reach. Generally speaking, only visitors who trust you are only likely to subscribe. And becoming a guest blogger helps build this trust.

When it comes to video platforms like YouTube, the same principle applies. Many content creators on YouTuber will make videos together and suggest their followers subscribe to other channels.

Engaging with your viewers and readers is another way to attract more people to subscribe. Asking for comments or answers to questions is a great way to get people to engage. And if you take the time to read and reply to them, even better.

Ultimately, your chosen strategy’s success relies on how good your content is and the relationship you have cultivated with your viewers.

Offer Exclusive Gated Content

When you already offer visitors everything, they might not see the value of becoming subscribers. Most people today are aware that if they give their email to a business, they will be getting emails about products and services.

To entice your site visitors to sign up, it can be a good idea to offer them something of value. You see many websites doing this through a discount offer, or maybe an ebook or video training. 

Websites like Search Engine Journal are a great example of offering exclusive content in exchange for an email address.

In the same way, The New York Times restricts most of its articles only for subscribers. However, it does offer readers the option to either create a free account, sign up for daily emails with news updates, or opt to purchase a premium subscription.

The typical tactic is to offer just enough quality content to their readers to build trust and interest. From there, you can ask them to subscribe by offering something of value.

Keep in mind that you can’t make everything exclusive as it will obstruct people from knowing about your services and products in the first place. It’s a balance of offering value and enticing them.

Reward Your Subscribers

Once you have begun collecting subscribers, you must now make sure you take care of them.

An effective way to increase your subscriber base is by introducing special offers or a reward program. This tactic helps in boosting loyalty among your customers. 

Most people are more loyal to brands that offer subscriber-only deals or offers from time to time. Not only will this build their loyalty, but it can be a great way to boost sales revenue.

By integrating a reward program with a paid subscription, you can entice users to sign up.

You can also offer surprises to subscribers, such as a monthly prize offering or something similar.

Remember if you award prizes to share on your social media, and mention it as an incentive to subscribe. 

Give Your Users What They Want

None of your efforts will reap results if your content is not offering something meaningful to your visitors. 

You can add as many CTAs as you want to your website, and people still won’t subscribe to you if what you offer isn’t appealing or valuable for them.

This is why you should always research your target audience. Discover what their needs are and offer content that matches them.

The answers to how to get more email subscribers lie in how enticing your brand, website, and CTAs are. 

Make sure your visitor is engaged with your brand by having an easily navigable website, a readable style, responsive design, and be sure to offer incentives or promotions that provide value and build brand trust.

If you need help with technical SEO, site structure, or growing your reach, you can always depend on Brandastic. We are a digital marketing agency based in Orange County, with offices in Austin and Los Angeles. We offer SEO, digital marketing, and advertising services for brands to increase their Google rankings. Contact us today to get started.

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