Master Your Social Media Accounts

In today’s competitive market, being technologically savvy is important for any business to succeed. Sometimes it can be a lot more complex than simply posting your product onto social media. The most successful businesses are the ones that utilize the unspoken features that social media has to offer, such as a more personal interface and the ability to really showcase the lifestyle of a brand.

Take for example, Nike. It is one of today’s fastest growing companies and holds the record for Instagram’s largest following with over 31.6 million followers. As leading experts in content strategy, Nike explains how they utilized Instagram to best represent their distinct brand.

Your Social Media Should Reflect Your Brand

With a mission, “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world,” Nike’s key to success was that they knew Instagram had all of the outlets that aligned with their business. They molded the intimate, friendly, and fun attitude that Instagram had to offer and used it to further highlight their own brand voice of innovation and personal inspiration. With each social media platform having different voices, it is best to partner with an outlet that is reflective of your own brand’s target goals.

Make it Personal and Positive

Using a more intimate social media platform can help you to create a positive experience for your target market. Rather than a stylized product shot, select a photo that incorporates your product into a everyday routine. Find a way to promote your product in a way that will associate your brand with something that is not only motivational, but achievable.

There are many ways to deliver an impactful message through social sharing. Engaging with your audience and understanding what they need will ultimately help your brand connect with a larger target audience.

At Brandastic, we service all the design and marketing needs of our clients, equipping each with specific tactics and plans that empowers goal reaching and achievement. Learn more about Brand Care services and let your social media reflect your brand voice today!



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