The History of Pebble Watch

These are things we can all learn from Pebble!

The e-paper watch known as Pebble is the most successful product on the popular site Kickstarter. Pebble received more than $1 million dollars in the first few hours via pledged support from enthusiastic backers. Duplicating the frenzied demand for this product holds important lessons for Orange County businesses trying to start or increase their online traffic.


The Pebble watch capitalizes on current tech trends. If your website is not generating the traffic you want, perhaps it is time to call on an Orange County web design team. If you are finding it challenging to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of online marketing and website features, Brandastic will help you stay abreast of changes.

Seamless integration. Pebble boasts of its ability to work fluidly with existing products. If your Orange County website lacks user-friendly flow you are losing customers.  Same story if your branding is not consistent in person, on paper, and online.

Social Power. This e-paper watch known as the Pebble will likely reach 5 million dollars very soon-just from friends and supporters online. Properly leveraging social media connections on your Orange County website is imperative for success in the market. And finally,

Get out there. Had Migicovsky given up on his watch when revenue streams stalled, instead of putting it online, he never would have realized the overnight (or in this case, same day) success of his product. To reach a whole new level of success for your business, you absolutely must get a website. Immediately. The watch is ticking. builds world-class brands and eye-catching websites. Our services provide new standards and improved ways to interact! Brandastic is a Southern California based company focused on relationship, excellence, and service. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandasatic.

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