The Beauty of a Well Designed Email

Email, a technology and marketing staple, has been the topic of debate since Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg stated, “Email is probably going away” at a conference back in 2010. The ripple effect of that forward thinking statement has lessened as the stats prove that email is here to stay, and a great resource for brands to connect to their audiences.

The Stats

While teens may not be using email as much, young and working adults are using email at a phenomenal rate, having more than one account on occasion and checking them multiple times a day. Take a look at our favorite stats from Adobe’s research:

88% of millennials use a smart phone to check email

58% of our respondents say that email is their preferred way to be contacted by a brand


More than 1 out of 3 say they want fewer repetitive emails from the brands they have relationships with.

This is great for business with marketing campaigns, but navigating the perfect email can be tricky. This is why emails need to have beautiful design that captivates their eye but is also useful for them personally, making you a quality source they look forward to seeing in their inbox.

Mobile Friendly

It is the sign of the ages! If you want your readers to perceive your brand as in-the-know, and up to date, your emails have to be compatible with their mobilized lifestyle. From the email to the link outs, have the experience be as seamless as possible to get the best click rate.

Time and Place

Time the newsletters out with context in mind. Do you cater to students? Inundating their inboxes before finals week may not be the best idea. Have a sale for the Holidays? Consider the opportune time to get them thinking about your brand. Timing and length is important and can make the difference between being glad to be subscribed or sending it to the junk folder.

As with any marketing strategy, design incorporates anything from content, timing, and subtle nuances to make your story stand out. A beautifully crafted email can be something your subscribers look forward to and get your brand story and specials across. Want to see our Newsletter? Sign up for TechTalks at the bottom of the page, where we give you the latest in web design, marketing, and brand strategy news.



Subject: Email, We Just Can’t Get Enough

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