The Future is Here with Google’s Project Glass

Google has been making headlines recently with Project Glass, a research and development program aimed at creating an interactive, augmented-reality head mount powered by Android. The glasses display images, messages, maps and more right before your eyes—they are very Iron Man Tony Stark-esque.

These glasses make smartphones look old and outdated! Talk to your friends across the world, stream live with distant family, capture eye-level pictures effortlessly, consult the map when you’re lost—all hands-free. The built-in camera allows the wearer to capture the world through his or her eyes with ease and clarity. Although it is unclear when the glasses will be available for purchase (some reports say by the end of 2012, others say not anytime this year), the New York Times claims the product will cost about the same as an average smartphone.

So what does this mean for marketing your company? Will the glasses provide an interface for displaying brand advertisements, just like the Google search engine? Will social media accounts be easily accessible with the glasses and will the hands-free nature of the device allow users to spend more time online? Undoubtedly companies will soon have a whole new way to market their products by creating original promos: jumping out of airplanes, walking in the city, working at the office during the day. Will advertisements via the glasses prove to be powerful for marketing products? Unfortunately, it’s too early to answer most of these questions; however, we will soon have a new interface for promoting products and the sky is the limit on how these glasses will impact the world, our lives, and your company! stays current on the latest technologies that can help boost your Orange County brand’s SEO and marketing strategies.  Brandastic is a Southern California based company focused on relationship, excellence, and service. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandastic.

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