Want More “Likes”? Learn From Coca-Cola!

On Tuesday morning, Coca-Cola became the first retail brand to have over 50 million Facebook fans. The soda brand is globally known for its impeccable and strategic advertising strategies—so it’s no wonder it was the first company to surpass the 50 million fan mark. What can your Orange County company learn from what many consider to be the world’s most recognized brand and it’s use of social media? Here’s a list of Coke’s most frequent Facebook activity and how your brand can benefit from adopting the same strategies. Take a peek at the actual page to see for yourself how Coke is leading the way for effective social media marketing.

Coca-Cola bottles on a green park bench

Picture posts
Coke knows the importance of the visual in the current, technologically-savvy world, and the brand certainly plays this to its advantage. Almost every post on the company’s Facebook page contains a photograph that somehow promotes the brand. Many of the images resemble Instagram uploads—artsy photos of products designed to nonchalantly (but strongly) appeal to the consumer. Keep scrolling down and you will notice that all of the photos contain that famous, bold Coca-Cola red color, making for a beautiful and seamless Facebook-browsing experience.

How can your Orange County marketing techniques learn from that of Coca-Cola? Post pictures, and lots of them! Ask any Facebook user what catches their eye the most: many will claim that striking photography makes them take their fingers off the cursor and pause stare in awe. Don’t blatantly post a Hodge-podge of pictures for the sake of posting: make your photo posts cohesive, tie a key element into each photo. You brand’s page should read like a beautifully composed picture book, not a mishmash scrapbook.

Interactive posts
Coke also uses photo posts to interact with its fans. On May 1st, the brand posted an image that contained a Coke bottle and the Facebook like button to form the sentence: “Coke is like _________”, encouraging users to both “like” the post/page and to also dish on what they like most about the brand. Avid Facebookers don’t want to plainly read posts, they want to interact with other users and feel important to the pages they “like”.

Generate fans, “likes” and posts by actively giving users an opportunity to rave about your brand. Fill-in-the-blank type questions are great because they encourage users to speak their minds and to think outside the box. You may even be able to capitalize off of the responses garnered by open-ended questions—learn what is most appealing about your company and run with it!

Be creative
In October 2011, Coke posted pictures of thumbprints and asked fans: “Would you ‘like’ to see more? Once we reach 1,000 likes, we’ll reveal another photo”. Thousands of curious fans liked this photo and the next, ultimately revealing an image of a polar bear composed entirely of thumbprints.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the standard box of advertising. It’s often the quirky, off-the-wall posts that garner the most attention. Whether you’re posting text, photos or videos, try to think about what will leave fans begging for more. Creativity and originality can take a social media site a very long way.

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