What YouTube Can Do For Your Business

It is no surprise that YouTube is a flourishing site with its astounding one billion visitors each month. As a website created for sharing digital content, it allows its users to upload and watch countless videos with easy access. With consistent sharing, liking, and re-posting from its users, YouTube is a marketing opportunity you definitely want to take advantage of.

YouTube logo on a laptop

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few simple tips on how to make your business really stand out on YouTube:

1) Create an Account

Creating a YouTube account for your business is the best way to get started on the site. Crafting a background or design that is pleasing to the eye and relates to your business can only attract attention to your page. Be sure to inform visitors about what you want them to know in the “About” section of your page. Remember to keep it short and simple, getting bogged down in details can make people skim or avoid that section altogether.

2) Creative Content

Of course you are going to be anticipating a lot of hits when getting started on YouTube. But keep in mind that content and patience is key to receiving this. Think about the videos and advertisements you have shared with friends. What makes them share-worthy? What stands out in them? Don’t be afraid to be different and unique. When creating a video, be aware that the attention span of most people is very short. You don’t want them to click on another link while only five seconds into your video. A quick and creative video will stand out much more than a ten minute rant on why your company is the best. Don’t forget to make your videos pop out even more with clever titles and eye-catching thumbnails!

3) Be Interactive

Having content on YouTube can go much further than the site alone. YouTube connects to other social media sites allowing you and your subscribers to share the videos onto other pages. Posting to sites like Facebook and engaging followers with a question about the content can help spread the video and gain plenty of responses. Ask for opinions, get ideas, and cater to the people you are trying to reach out to. Share the video to sites that your target audience would visit and be sure to respond to their comments and questions. Even consider a video where you inspire people to use your product in a clever way. The opportunities are endless and you will have a much better response when you let people know that what they have to say matters.

YouTube has become an excellent source of marketing and applying these tips will definitely connect your business to a greater following.
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