Why Social Media Marketing Cannot Be Your Only Marketing

If you are fretting over your Orange County Business Social Media Marketing at the expense of other traditional and online marketing tactics, think again. Here are a few reasons why Social Media marketing must complement your traditional marketing – and not replace it – from Mashable.com.

social media logos on sticks

1) Social Networks are Sluggish

Facebook users are spending less time on Facebook than last year, half of Americans think Facebook is a fad, and Facebook is losing market shares. Face it – Facebook might not even exist in the future. If you have only focused marketing efforts on social media outlets, your brand and business will lack staying power. There are more effective ways to succeed at Orange County marketing. Think – customer focus groups, PR campaigns, and your website. Do not ever think that hits on Facebook or followers on Twitter can replace your Orange County website SEO.

2) Social Media is Fostering Bad Habits

Facebook and Twitter are encouraging rapid fire messages that often have little thought behind them. If a marketing campaign is meant to create sales, the message must have emotion – and be carefully crafted to elicit a certain response. Also, social media is encouraging companies and individuals to chatter – talk and not listen, and not really create deep understanding or engagement with the brand.

3) Social Media Might Not Help Business-to-Business Sales

If you are a business-to-business brand, think carefully how you are expending resources on your Social Media campaign. Having a presence and managing customer feedback and inquiries, or paying attention to reviews on your social media sites is certainly beneficial. However, large businesses are still making sales the old fashioned way – relationships, networks, referrals, and advertisements. As such, managing your corporate LinkedIn Page might make more sense than checking on your Twitter feed.

Social Media is useful, certainly, but it should be only one part of your advertising and online marketing platform.

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