Why Your Workspace Design Matters

By Erin |  May 11, 2018 (5 min read)

Life in the Agency

Your office is where you spend at least a third of your time. For many people, the physical environment is not something they think makes a significant impact on them, but I believe that it is crucial.

If you run a business that customers don’t visit, it may not seem to matter what your office looks like. But consider the effect from your employees perspective.

I believe the smallest of details matter. That is a big part of our philosophy when working on developing a website, or a digital marketing campaign for our clients. It makes sense to me that attention to detail should include the environment in which you spend your working days.

The moment you, (or a client or team member) steps into the office, you should feel, see, touch and experience your brand.

To get a better idea of what you’re displaying to the world, here are some questions to ask about your office space:

  • What do I feel when I enter our office?
  • Does my office tell a story?
  • Do I enjoy working in this space?
  • Am I excited or struggling to get through the day?

Remember that people want to thrive in their careers and goals. Providing an office space that gives them an uplifting feeling will help to encourage that inspiration.

If you feel like maybe there’s some room for improvement, here’s how your office environment can add to the impact of your brand:


Consider colors that will inspire creativity and congeniality. There have been many studies conducted that show how the colors chosen in the office can affect productivity.


Have you considered the ‘feel’ of your office? This comes down to textures, such as wood, steel, carpet, drapes, couches, chairs. If you want a more modern, tech-oriented culture, then maybe industrial textures suit. If you want it more cozy and relaxed, perhaps some soft furnishings could help.


Many offices are opting away from the private offices and moving towards open spaces. Some offices even have open desk policies where people can move each day to add variety and team communication. Consider your work culture and the type of focus needed, and this will help you to

Furniture and fixtures

Everything comes together to create a story and to highlight the brand of your business. It speaks about you without needing any words. The chairs and desks, the shelves and cupboards. The small ornaments and wall fixtures all add to or subtract from the quality of your workspace.

Motivation from the environment

All individuals are born with the natural element of motivation. How we approach our workday, and the type of business we have is tied to the motivation that we have. If we are motivated to be prosperous, or impactful, then this is reflected in our work. If we only want to survive and get by, this is also reflected.  Motivation is key to everything we do.

The way you set up your environment will affect motivation on a subconscious level. Simple things like having our morning coffee in a personalized mug, to a brightly colored room, will add to our feelings of being motivated.

By changing the look and feel of the workspace, we can feel energized and inspired.

Looking the part sets you apart

When working with clients, they want to know and feel connected to who you are. Creating a work environment that reflects your brand can demonstrate your strength as a player in your industry. By pulling out natural elements and displaying them visually, we not only look like who we say we are, we live it out as well.

My focus has always been to create environments that provide our team with a space that feels like a home away from home.

Knowing the power of your office environment can show the world your brand’s story, boost your team morale, attract new team talent, build client trust, and increase happiness.


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