Creative Slogans to Steer your Customers

br_blogtaglineCan you describe your company in ten words or less? A slogan or company tagline is a great way to brand your company, increase exposure and retention of customers.  When companies communicate their goals and services quickly, customers remember what makes them different and are more likely to keep them in mind.

Slogans identify the brand, share the goals of a company succinctly, and differentiate the company from the rest of its competitors. Whether the tagline describes a product or service or explains the goals of the company is ultimately up to you. In all cases however, the slogan should speak to the audience in a memorable and positive way.


What Makes You Different

Does your slogan showcase the individuality of your company? When competing against others in the market its important to let your customers know why they should work with you specifically. Avis’ old rental car slogan “We try harder” was a direct admittance of their number two ranking below the company Hertz rental car. This honest slogan that committed itself to its customers earned Avis its first profitable year in decades. (Source:

A slogan that is honest, clear, and profitable to the audience will be more memorable and could further the marketing for your company.


Call to Customer

While a slogan can describe who you are as a company, it can also describe the targeted audience you want to reach. Keeping your slogan and brand consistent with your specific audience demographic will make sure customers feel a connection to the slogan and your company, enriching interactions between the two. When Coca Cola came up with its “Open Happiness” slogan, its primary demographic was US consumers, but the campaign quickly spread internationally as the themes of happiness were positive messages that connected universally. Consider what goals your company has for the audience and let them know through your slogan that you are available to help them get there.


These characteristics of slogans have a lot of flexibility. The main goal is to describe your company in a voice that is tailored to you and your audience. Focusing on what you can provide and what makes you stand out from the rest, will guarantee honest communication that will be effective in connecting your business to your brand.


With over 15 years experience and personal assistance in marketing strategies, Brandastic can help you communicate your brand effectively. Specializing in excellence and customer service, we deliver powerful strategies to ignite your brand potential. To see how, contact Brandastic.



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