Honesty is the Best Policy with Marketing

Social media provides many outlets and streams to approach marketing — each with their own caveats.  However, based on a report from Sprout Social, 86% of consumers want brands to be honest, regardless of platform.  With recent PR fiascos like the United Airline debacle providing a valuable lesson about the importance of transparency and honesty to customers, it should be very clear that following some of these practices will help your brand grow and flourish.

Cultivate authenticity

  • A key trait that helps customers develop trust in a brand, authenticity is conveyed through communication and brand voice.  With social media, news (real or fake) spreads like wildfire, and it’s critical that brands remain honest since client trust can be broken just as quickly as it is gained.

Don’t get abandoned

  • 40% of consumers have abandoned a brand that exhibit poor values or behavior, according to a MediaCom survey.  Know your client base and stay faithful to your brand values. Flip flopping with tone and voice on social media can be dangerous for your brand and imply that there is some sort of bipolarity in your brand’s personality.  Keeping your values and personality consistent will garner trust from your customers.

It’s okay to fail, but be open about it

  • If a product has defects or isn’t in its tip-top shape, tell your clients!  They support your brand for a reason, and even though they might be getting something less than what they initially expected, being given truthful information and updates will reassure them that you are still able to deliver.  It shows that you care about your clients.
  • For example, Samsung learned of a faulty design with their batteries in October of 2016, and later released a statement in January.  Though it took some time to research and confirm findings, the fact stands that they were open about the defect, researching solutions, and stated that they will use these findings to help develop safer technology for their future products.

Treat your clients as the ambassadors for your brand — with kindness and truthfulness, they are more likely to spread the word.

At Brandastic, we are an Orange County marketing and design agency that offers brand care services. Developing a comprehensive brand care prescription to optimize the needs and reach of our clients is what we strive to achieve. To learn how we can support your marketing needs today, speak to a marketing specialist at 1.888.339.5275 or visit or contact us and see how we can ignite your potential!



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