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magento 2

Brandastic Receives The World’s First Magento 2 Certification

Back in 2015, Magento released their next generation open source commerce platform Magento 2.0. As the successor to Magento 1.9, M2 is not just an upgrade to Magento…

material design lite

Material Design Lite: The Trendiest Web Designs of 2017

Google’s Material Design has taken over web design trends in the last few years. With their signature flat designs and masterful layering, UI designers are incorporating this style…

keyword research

Keyword Research: Find Keywords that Are Profitable

Millions of different types of keywords are typed into a search engine every single day. The reasons and motivations for people who turn to search engines are just…

Brandastic is Google Adwords Certified

Brandastic is pleased to announce that we are officially certified in Google Adwords, Google Shopping and Google Analytics. Why does this matter to you? Well here are some…

customer loyalty

Boost Sales By Marketing to Returning Customers

A happy customer is a returning customer! For most businesses, 80% of the company’s future revenue comes from 20% of its existing customers, according to the Gartner Group Study….

How to Filter Spam Data in Google Analytics

Online businesses today have a huge advantage when it comes to marketing. That advantage is a tracking tool known as Google Analytics. With analytics at a click of…


SEO and PPC, Bitter Rivals or Better Siblings?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of the Digital Marketing world to help increase your Brand Perception and Awareness. It is also the piece that requires…

Design Elements that Increase Conversions

Visual elements that use thoughtful design can make the conversion process easier for your brand, increasing ROI. According to Adobe’s 2015 report on the State of Content, “with…

Magento 1

Magento 1 Support Lives On

Magento 1 and 2 continues to reign as one of the most popular and powerful ecommerce platforms in the world. According to Usage Statistics by Builtwith, “There are…


Email Marketing: How to Increase Your Open Rate

Email marketing has become essential in today’s online marketing strategy. With shopping and information all accessible through the web it is no wonder that companies are seeing the…


Shopify & Magento: Everything You Need to Know

Selecting an ecommerce platform for your online business requires taking into account many different factors. With so many platforms available today such as Shopify and Magento; it’s extremely…