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Treat your WordPress Site like an E-commerce Site

The holidays are coming up and with it, a big push for e-commerce companies to snatch up any holiday customers. With the online holiday shopping season being a turning point for a successful year, tracking user engagement is key. What about those businesses who don’t sell anything on their website? What good does tracking do?

The short answer is a lot. While your website might not be a product or commerce-oriented platform, service oriented websites still have specific goals they can track and measure. Organizing these tracking goals can improve your ROI in brick and mortar stores as well as give you an understanding of your online audience.

WordPress Site-specific Goals

Every website has a purpose; whether it is to validate and give credibility to your experience and services, drum up leads via email or phone, or to be a resource in an industry there is something your website is trying to convey. But who, if anyone is listening? Setting up tracking goals in Google Analytics to analyze audience information can help you make sense of the efficacy of your online presence.

Use Google Analytics to analyze duration of visit per person, to see if those that visit your site end up sticking, and if they leave, where on your website do they tend to decide to leave? You can also gauge number of pages per visit to see if you need to pivot your resources to benefit the viewership, or make things easier to find. These markers are beneficial in deciding if your website is useful and beneficial to your audience and your business.

Sales-like Events

How much was ordered is an easy goal to measure for e-commerce sites, but WordPress sites can also measure a sales-like conversion. Lead forms, newsletter sign ups, phone number clicks on mobile and Call to Actions across your pages can all be tagged as events in Google Analytics. If you treat these events as conversions similar to e-commerce sites, you can gauge progress month over month and year over year.

Your website is accessible to millions of potential client and customers. Understanding how it is working in your favor and what changes can be made to increase your revenue is crucial. Want to set up your own website goals? Contact us today to gameplan leveraging your site.