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3 tips to increase PPC conversion ratio

3 Tips to increase your PPC Conversion Ratio [VIDEO]

Did you know that 88% of people who do Pay-Per-Click advertising are NOT happy with their click-through and conversion rates? Considering that last year in 2017 business owners spent…

A Brief History of Magento 2007 - 2018

A Brief History of Magento: 2007 – 2018

The Magento ecommerce platform is one of the most revered platforms for ecommerce developers worldwide. In fact, the word Magento is Googled more often than the word ecommerce….

owner of the business is not the brand digital marketing orange county

The Owner of the Company is not the Brand

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates. What do these three people have in common? Besides all making it to the billionaire club at a reasonably early age, they…

above the fold marketing website design

Visual Cues to Keep Them Scrolling

Since the early days of newspapers, there has been a constant quest for attention from readers. In today’s online marketing world, first, you must get a person to…

How Indirect Marketing works in 2018

How Indirect Marketing works in 2018

If you run a business in the modern world, you know that you need to spend time and invest money attracting customers to your business. While many companies…

how to lower bounce rate website

How to lower your website bounce rate

Usually, anything to do with website stats that is high is a good thing. Except when it comes to bounce rate. An ideal bounce rate is actually the reverse…

Which social media platform is best for business?

Which social media platform is best for business?

So you’ve got your website up and running. You have some customers helping you make a profit. You have your site listing climbing in search engines results. Now…

SEO for a new website launch

What you need for a successful new website launch

Launching a brand new website is an exciting time. You’ve worked for months to make sure every image looks great, the wording is just right, the contact info…

instagram marketing 2018

The value of Instagram marketing for your business

For most business owners, the challenge of engaging on social media is tricky. They are so busy running their business that the idea of updating Facebook and Twitter…

Magento Imagine 2018

Insights from Magento Imagine 2018

What started eight years ago as a way to connect the global eCommerce community has grown. Magento Imagine 2018 was an oasis of insight, innovation, and interesting people….

DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks on the Rise

In October 2016, the Internet saw the largest DDoS attack on Dyn’s servers, which support large websites such as Netflix, Reddit, CNN and more. The Tech Republic reveals Akamai’s Internet…

digital marketing agency recording

How Transparency helps your Digital Marketing

There is a growing trend in the world of digital marketing that is becoming part of the way the best brands market. Following in the footsteps of reality…

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