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Katie is a Nashville based creative, specializing in content creation, email marketing, and copywriting. She grew up in California and graduated from Cal State Long Beach, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. In her free time she loves to travel with her husband and find new hiking trails throughout Tennessee.

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Articles Written by katie

By Katie Wilder |  Apr 19, 2024 (5 min read)

Is Google Ads the Right Fit for Your Business? A Guide to Making the Smart Choice

Business |  Marketing |  Strategy

Navigating the digital marketing landscape can be a challe...

By Katie Wilder |  Oct 27, 2023 (5 min read)

Pre-Holiday Planning: The Catalyst for Holiday Success [VIDEO]

Advertising |  Marketing |  Strategy

As October's brisk winds bring a change in the leaves, they also signal the imminent arrival of the festive seas...

By Katie Wilder |  Oct 24, 2023 (5 min read)

Your Guide: Decoding Social Media Algorithms [VIDEO]

Marketing |  Social Media |  Strategy

Social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses to connect with their target audiences and promote ...

By Katie Wilder |  Aug 3, 2023 (5 min read)

Brand Refresh vs. Rebranding: How to Decide Which is Right for Your Business[VIDEO]

Branding |  Design |  Marketing

In today's competitive business landscape, maintaining a strong brand is crucial for success. As your business e...

By Katie Wilder |  Jul 14, 2023 (5 min read)

Boosting Brand Recognition by 80%: The Power of Color Psychology in Graphic Design [VIDEO]

Advertising |  Branding |  Design

Colors are a powerful tool in the world of graphic design, capable of evoking emotions, influencing decisions, a...

By Katie Wilder |  May 10, 2023 (5 min read)

Riding the AI Wave: How Digital Marketing is Thriving with Artificial Intelligence [VIDEO]

Advertising |  Marketing |  Video

Welcome to the future of digital marketing – where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making waves and revolutioniz...

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