Marketing Director

I’m a sucker for psychological stats (qualified of course), surrendering to the present, and nurturing life’s connections.

humanizing your brand

A Guide to Humanizing your Brand

In the modern world, there is a blurred line between work and home. Because, more often than not, we find ourselves attached to our devices 24/7; connecting both…

digital marketing agency orange county

What it’s like inside a Digital Marketing agency

As a marketing director, many people ask me what it’s like working in a digital marketing agency. Honestly, it’s difficult to explain in simple terms. Marketing today is…

Why your workspace design matters

Why Your Workspace Design Matters

Your office is where you spend at least a third of your time. For many people, the physical environment is not something they think makes a significant impact…

power of a great team

How to Improve Your Team’s Workplace Productivity

Working as a team and creating a company culture doesn’t come easy. With the many different minds that make up a team, it can be hard to communicate,…

developing your brand story

How to Create a Brand Identity

Embedded in the roots of every brand is a powerful story. This story represents everything the brand is now, and everything that it aspires to be. Most of…

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