Justin is a highly experienced UX/UI designer with an impressive portfolio, having designed websites for prominent organizations including IBM, Cisco, and Intel. Growing up in Chico, CA, he learned the value of hard work through his involvement in his family's ranch operations, where he gained experience driving tractors and managing various tasks. After obtaining a marketing degree from Chico State University, he decided to pursue his passion for marketing and graphic design in Southern California. Justin is a devoted family man, being married to his wife Lachelle and raising three daughters, Raelyn, River, and Lela. Additionally, he has a twin brother named Jordan who works as a skilled videographer for Brandastic.

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Articles Written by Justin

By Justin |  Sep 10, 2020 (5 min read)

Understanding the Consumer Decision Making Process

Marketing |  PPC |  SEO |  Trends

Before you can sell anything to anyone, you need to understand how and why they want to buy it. The be...

By Justin |  Aug 27, 2020 (5 min read)

How to Get More Backlinks for Your Website

Marketing |  SEO

When you want to know if a product or service is worth purchasing, you will often look for reviews and te...

By Justin |  Jul 29, 2020 (5 min read)

Let’s Make a Difference Bigger than Us!

Life in the Agency |  Trends

Sometime in the future when we look back on the year 2020, the first thing we’re going to remember is COV...

By Justin |  Jun 26, 2020 (5 min read)

3 Ways to Stay in Contact During Lockdown [VIDEO]

Life in the Agency |  Video

Even though we are facing roadblocks with going remote, one blessi...

By Justin |  Jun 17, 2020 (5 min read)

3 LinkedIn Strategies to Grow your B2B Sales [VIDEO]

Marketing |  SEO |  Video

Many people still view LinkedIn simply as a resume and job posting site. But times have changed. ...

By Justin |  Jun 10, 2020 (5 min read)

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog [VIDEO]

Marketing |  SEO |  Video

A blog shows your visitors that you are up-to-date with the latest trends and news. It also creates more ...

By Justin |  May 29, 2020 (5 min read)

The Top 7 Virtual Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020

Digital Marketing Training |  Marketing

Every year digital marketers flock to various industry conferences across the world to stay up to date on...

By Justin |  May 22, 2020 (5 min read)

Nike Air Jordan – Behind The Brand

Branding |  Marketing |  Video

Before 1984, the world of basketball sneakers was fairly boring. ...

By Justin |  May 13, 2020 (5 min read)

3 Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales [VIDEO]

Ecommerce |  Marketing |  Video

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