2015 OC Design Awards

Design is that ineffable quality that drives emotion. It can lift your imagination, captivate your emotions, and influence a generation. As lofty as it seems it is also well grounded and can organize and clarify, explain and summarize, and even impact the bottom line.

“The design value index speculates that in the past decade alone, design driven companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 228%.”

Customers today are not looking for just products and services. They are looking for value sets, identities, real hearts and minds to agree with. They are looking for a strong connection to a brand. Being faithful to your story and brand can have a long lasting impact in your business and its clients.

This year we at Brandastic had the pleasure to submit design work from clients’ stories at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) 2015 OC Design Awards. The AIGA has more than 70 chapters and over 25,000 members, celebrating over 100 years in design. Our passion for the industry is matched by the wonderful stories and energies that our clients share with us which translates in our work. We were honored to be recognized for the Agency Award in Advertising TV/ Video and the Agency Award for Packaging!

Agency Award in Advertising TV/ Video: Health Mate Sauna Video

Combining the benefits of nature with patented technology, Health Mate has been the industry standard for far infrared saunas for over 35 years. This international company allowed us to walk along their journey from the forests of Canada to the saunas built for every body. View our video to experience this journey.



Agency Award for Packaging: Hotel CURRENT Package Design

Hotel CURRENT is a Long Beach lifestyle hotel with a passion for eco friendly and sustainable hospitality services. With the introduction of Boxed Water, a design package was created for guests to learn about the various ways Hotel CURRENT protects the quality of their environment during their stay.

As we move forward to 2016, the stories of our clients will continue to be the catalyst for amazing design and inspiration. We thank the AIGA for continuing to promote design in all its forms through the OC Design Awards, as well as the clients who share with us their passions and visions, as we collaborate to ignite their potential. To see more of our work, please visit our Portfolio.

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