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By Stacy |  Jul 2, 2018 (6 min read)


When I first saw the new Instagram TV (IGTV) button pop up on my Instagram app, for a brief moment, I thought, “Isn’t this like Youtube?”  

But then I realized, that like most Instagram features, that IGTV is a potential game changer.

The mobile video feature is a hybrid of Insta stories (originally the brainchild of Snapchat) and Youtube videos rolled into one.

After a week of experimenting with the new feature, I believe that IGTV makes mobile videos so much more enjoyable to watch in a way that Youtube hasn’t actually addressed.

Vertical Video FTW

With the ability to watch videos vertically (the natural way you hold your smartphone), upload longer videos, not having to build a whole new set of followers and having the opportunity to discover new ones, IGTV shows that it stands apart from the competition.

IGTV could be an incredibly useful new feature for brands and businesses to produce quick mobile video content that truly markets to the growing numbers of mobile and video consumers.

With 69% of all global consumer internet traffic stemming from video and over 3.5 billion unique mobile users, it’s crucial that your brand meets your audience where they are.

IGTV is still pretty fresh to users, so now is a great time for brands and businesses to take advantage of the platform to see how it can boost their mobile video marketing.

Here are some video ideas to help you and your team to incorporate mobile video into your marketing strategies.

1) Give them tips

Start out with shorter videos on your IGTV channel and monitor engagement. Short, two-minute videos are typically the length most people are willing to watch no matter where the video is.

Offer quick tip videos that engage your audience and offer them information. Users are far more likely to watch something that gives them something in return.

[Example:  If you’re an organic food company, film a video on all the best seasonal foods to take advantage of and incorporate in meals.]

Tips can range from how to use a product you provide, industry/market news, ways to strategize in a specific field, and so much more. This applies to almost every industry, so make a list of ideas and start filming!

2) Teach them something new

Sometimes people are willing to watch for longer periods of time if complex ideas or problems are broken down and taught to them.

Create semi-longer videos (5-10 minutes) that teach your audience something new about your product or industry or about a problem you can help them solve.

[Example: If your company sells machine parts to distributors, show how one of your products solves issues that are regularly experienced or how to use the part in the best way.]

Don’t be afraid to get personal. Perhaps you show people how you spend your morning routine as a busy entrepreneur and the ways you habitually stay motivated and on your game for the day.

Your audience may be looking for information, but they are also looking for a connection. And the connection is what keeps them coming back for more.

3) Flaunt your brand and culture

This idea is great for those who find live streaming during office outings or company events more complicated.

IGTV video allows you to pre-record and edit the video to be clean and more direct, which is perfect for honing out the most useful content for your audience.

[Example: If you’re having a retreat, conference, or office outing, you can record the event for however long and put together clips that energize the audience.]

Showing a bit more about who are as a company adds to your brand personality and lets your audience know that you’re more than just trying to sell them something.

4) Interview experts

Interviews are a great way to invite more perspectives and stories to your content, and in video form, they are even more impactful!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an Oprah or an Ellen to interview some amazing people. Your company already has some incredible experts who have an insight or story your audience would love to know.

[Example: For your company, try interviewing the President or CEO and ask about their story and how they came to be a leader.]

Personal stories can have a huge impact on your viewers and helps them feel more connected to your content.

Remember, your brand is more than just what you provide or sell. It’s a relationship with your target market. There has to be an emotional thread tied to your content that continues to pull your loyal customers toward you.

5) When in doubt, try something weird

If you don’t know already, the internet is completely saturated with content, so the more you stand out on IGTV the more likely you’ll be seen.  For brands out there with perhaps more room for a cheeky brand voice, you can try to push the boundaries.

[Example: Netflix filmed a 1hr long video of Riverdale star Cole Sprouse just eating a hamburger. And guess what? It got over 200,000 views.]

If your brand voice has room for some weirdness or wackiness, try filming something out of the box to get some attention. But remember, this only works if you maintain a consistent brand voice wherever people interact with you.

Keep on trackin’

Once you start producing videos on a consistent basis, check in and monitor on how the videos are doing. Track what people tend to watch more and continue to test out different topics that engage your users, fine-tuning your way to the best of the best.

If IGTV is still too fresh for you to want to jump in, I still highly recommend filming video content either way. The world is moving rapidly toward a mobile and video experience and your marketing strategy will benefit in integrating with these forms of communication.

Meet your audience where they are and take advantage of the amazing platforms like IGTV out there to build an even stronger online presence.

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