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No other platform offers the ability to plan and activate advertising across programmatic, direct, search, social, and connected TV.


How Programmatic Advertising Works

A person clicks on a website.

The website owner puts the ad impression up for auction via SSP.*

*Supply-Side Platform

The advertisers offer bids for the impression through Brandastic DSP.*

*Demand-Side Platform

The highest bidder wins the ad impression through the SSP.

The ad is served on the website to the user.

The user clicks on the ad and converts!

Direct Automation

Leverage thousands of direct media outlets and sellers—from Hulu and Pandora to The New York Times and CNN. Every major outlet is available and ready to negotiate.

Programmatic Advertising

Reach audience segments on high-quality, brand-safe, premium inventory. Brandastic’s Private Marketplace (PMP) library offers exclusive inventory from over 2,000 premium publishers.

Channels and Formats

Explore new possibilities to set your brand apart—Brandastic has an eye on emerging channels and ad formats, such as digital OOH offerings, voice search, and Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR).

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool that can solve many things from media, team, and business perspectives to help businesses efficiently scale their growth. The benefits of incorporating a programmatic marketing strategy is that businesses can reach their ideal audience with sophisticated targeting, streamline the advertising process, and optimize campaigns in real-time to achieve the best results.

Furthermore, programmatic advertising allows for increased scalability, as businesses can easily adjust their ad spend based on real-time data, making it beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

See how you can thrive with programmatic marketing, below:

More Control

With Brandastic, you can take control of your digital media campaigns across mobile, video, display, audio, connected TV and native. Our unified platform is designed to improve productivity, increase team collaboration and enhance campaign performance.

Increased Transparency

We also provide increased transparency, with clear insights into your media buying and ad spend. Our performance-based bidding allows you to leverage different bidding models to monitor campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) and spend effectively.

Unique Targeting Capabilities

Reach your ideal customer with sophisticated targeting, using our robust inventory directory – the largest curated directory in the industry spanning across all channels and devices.

Data-Driven Optimizations

Make educated decisions with our data-driven optimization tools. You can choose between algorithmic or machine learning optimization tools within our artificial intelligence engine.

In summary, when you choose programmatic marketing with Brandastic, we’re able to optimize the bidding process for you and therefore only pay for the best users with the right intent. By utilizing data insights from algorithmic technology, programmatic advertising enables marketers to target audiences at the right time, and at the right price.

Let us help you achieve your business objectives with our programmatic advertising services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help take your business to the next level with Programmatic Marketing!

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