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Meets Your Story

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Digital Marketing Agency

Where Our Strategy
Meets Your Story

Meet Your Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital Marketing Agency

Brandastic is an award-winning Orange County Digital Marketing Agency, specializing in Digital Marketing Strategies. Through nurturing relationships and a collaborative process, we help to ignite your brand’s potential. With direct access to each department, your company has our entire team’s commitment to achieve your marketing goals, and help you grow. From innovative strategy and development, to creative design and marketing, the Brandastic team will unite all channels to get the results your company is looking for. Our clients are from varied backgrounds and industries, and Brandastic offers the expertise and experience to ideate, create, and deliver more than expected and boosting your brand’s reach and business success.

Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency

Our Work

Digital Marketing Agency


Ricoh DTG provides a complete ecosystem of products designed to offer profitable Direct-to-Garment printing solutions for every budget and skill level. The goals for RICOH were to increase their online leads, optimize the management process and execute a new campaign strategy. Here are the results Brandastic achieved for them.
Return on Ad spend (ROAS)
Decrease YOY in Cost/Conv
Leads every 30 days
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Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency


UFC Gym approached Brandastic to create an updated Brand Identity Book and opening assets for their growing group of gym franchises around the world. UFC is already an established brand with a strong following and an established fan base. This loyalty impacts the public’s awareness and interest in the UFC Gym services.
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Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency

Super Glue Corp.

Brandastic was tasked with creating an extensive brand awareness campaign for three of The Original Super Glue’s products: SUPERUNIX, Total Tech and Total Tape. The campaign would cover multiple digital channels to create lasting brand recognition amongst The Original Super Glue’s target audience across the continuous United States.
Increase in video view rate
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Marketing Strategies

Everything we do is based in strategy. We believe that all campaigns, big or small, need a plan before we begin. We don’t make many promises, but we do promise to only make decisions based in research rather than at random. A tailored strategy allows your marketing dollars to go farther, and a comprehensive marketing strategy allows you to use all appropriate marketing channels at your disposal.

Quarterly & Biannual Strategies

Once per quarter or biannually, our team will meet with you to discuss the previous strategy’s data, and to look for ways to expand your business reach. The marketing strategy is where we outline the campaign objectives, channels, ad types, creative, audience targeting parameters and proposed budget required to achieve the client’s goals. We keep detailed data records to easily offer a birds-eye view of what worked well, and how we can improve, quarter after quarter.

Market Research

We begin all strategies with an assessment of your core competitors, evaluating their key strengths and weaknesses to help formulate our insights for setting your brand apart from the rest.

Paid Media Marketing & Management (PPC)

To stand out from your competitors, one of the most effective methods is to invest in paid search advertising. Online advertising is now the number one way that people discover and buy new products and services. To compete in a tough marketplace, you should always have a paid marketing strategy as part of your marketing plan. Brandastic is a PPC agency that can help you get the most effective results from your advertising spend.

Paid Google Advertising

Google today owns over 90% of all searches done online. This means that if you can get featured at the top of Google, you are in a prime spot to get attention. However, sometimes it is faster and more cost effective to simply post a Google Ad to attract attention. If you have a product or service in a competitive market, then working with a Paid Search Agency like Brandastic for Google ads can be a great way to outsell the competition.

Display Advertising

Ready to get your products and services noticed? Try display advertising. Sometimes known as rich media ads, these online ads combine text, images, video, and links to your website. They offer another way for your customer to learn more about or buy from you. By working with our Paid Search Agency, we can help boost your prospect engagement with display ads.

Quarterly Strategies

Once per quarter, our team will meet with you to discuss the previous quarter’s data, and to look for ways to expand your business reach. We keep detailed data records to easily offer a birds-eye view of what worked well, and how we can improve, quarter after quarter.

Remarketing Campaigns

Once a prospective customer has visited your site, this opens up new opportunities for remarketing. Sharing advertisements with interested prospects on social media, and via website display ads is an effective way to boost brand recognition and increase revenues.

Social Media Marketing & Management


Over 2.9 billion people have active facebook accounts and log in at least once a week to connect with friends, family, and their favorite interests. As a business you can capitalize on this extraordinary reach and growth potential. Whether you need help with your Facebook Business Page or want to grow through advertising on the Facebook platform, our Social Media Marketing agency can help.


Every brand that has a need for social media engagement should look at Instagram as an essential platform. For fashion, lifestyle, health, and travel brands, Instagram is the best place to grow. The ability to share your brand’s messaging, product launches, and promotions through Instagram posts, stories, and reels is one of today’s biggest marketing opportunities.


For any company that seeks to reach the B2B marketplace, LinkedIn offers a way to engage on a professional level, and to reach enterprise customers. Using content posts, LinkedIn Ads, and other engagement tools, our digital marketing agency team can help grow your brands reach and trust through this platform for working professionals.


Not just for entertainment and music, TikTok now offers businesses a way to engage with a younger audience, and to tap into popular culture. Using the TikTok advertising platform can be an effective way to grab a larger share of your audience before your competitors do. Working with a digital agency like Brandastic can help take the guesswork out of growing on TikTok.

Engagement Campaigns

Need to grow your customer engagement on social media. Our team can assist you in finding new innovative ways to promote your products and services, and to engage with your ideal demographic. Through advertising and engaging posts, we can help keep your business and brand top of mind with your ideal prospects and customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want your website to be found in the search engine results pages, you need to create pages that are easy to find, understand, and offer value to searchers. The more expertise, authority, and trust your website can display, the better you will gain organic rankings and attract new visitors. Working with an SEO agency like Brandastic can help you create a winning SEO strategy for your business.

On & Off Page SEO Strategy

Creating a website that ranks in the search engine requires a focus both inside and outside your website, and how it is found on the web. On-page SEO requires knowing the technical aspects of SEO that can help search engines to better read and understand the content of your site. Off-page SEO encourages others to link back to your site, to share your content, and grow the search engine rankings for your business.

Competitor Analysis & Keyword Strategy

Starting by understanding your audience, we will work to create a clear competitive strategy to help you compete with other businesses in your vertical or niche. We will look at the most competitive keywords in your target market, and how we can outrank other companies who offer similar services and products. Working with a SEO company like Brandastic will help take your keyword strategy to the next level.

Backlink Profile Optimization

Looking at who is linking back to your site is key to understanding your online reputation. The more sites of high quality send traffic your way, the better the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, will rank your website.

Link Building

By understanding which backlinks are performing well, and bringing you an increased domain rating, you can perform outreach to help attract more of the same. Having a strong backlinking outreach strategy can help to grow your sites reach ad authority quickly and over the long term.

Content Writing

Every website needs tailored content to help people stay engaged. Working with our team to craft your ideal content posts either for social media, or for your blog is a great way to boost your authority, and build your SEO success.

Domain Authority Growth

At the core of all SEO success is boosting the domain authority of your site. This is your reputation within Google’s algorithm and your rating of quality and authority. The higher you can increase your domain authority, the faster your content will rank and appear high in the SERPs.


To help stand out from the competition you need a clear, memorable, and cohesive brand. Crafting your brand’s value proposition, and offering your services in a compelling way is key, and our team can help you find ways to be both unique and distinctive.


Your logo is at the center of your brand. It is a visual elevator pitch designed to showcase who you are in an impactful way. From letterhead to digital ads, your logo needs to transcend all visual media in a memorable way. We can refresh your existing logo to meet the current branding landscape or create an entirely new logo that conveys who you are to your target audience.

Brand Guidelines, Brand Voice, and Brand Identity

Maybe you have an existing logo or color scheme you like. Is this reflected on your website, in your emails, or in how your customers experience your brand? Brand Guidelines can help you pin down who you are and how you convey that in copy. Examples include your mission and vision statements, the fonts you use, and the taglines you define. We help you tailor your brand identity so that it appeals to the target demographic and create guidelines for company internal and external use.

Print Collateral

High quality print collateral can help your business to make a tangible, real-world impression on your prospects and customers. Our digital marketing agency team can help design brochures, postcards, and other high-quality printed marketing collateral to impress and entice your audience to buy.

UX/UI Design

Website Mockups

A well-designed website is key to looking professional and making a good impression on your potential customers. Using the right logo, fonts, colors, and visuals is a science and art form that requires a wealth of expertise to bring together. Our branding agency team is here to help you create a distinctive, appealing, and cohesive brand look and feel that stands out in your marketplace.

UI/UX Design

A website is more than just a good looking page. When it comes to describing services or selling on e-commerce, the usability of a site is one of the most important factors in getting conversions. Our designers wireframe out the structure and user journey to make sure the focus is a great design that helps guide users to convert.

Website Development

Shopify Development

Used by millions of ecommerce businesses worldwide, Shopify handles everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping. Working with our Shopify agency team, we can create a simple and easy to use ecommerce website through the Shopify platform for your brand.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the most popular website building tool in the world for a good reason. The platform allows businesses to create any kind of website to promote their products and services. With an extremely flexible UI, you have complete control over the design and functionality of your website. Work with our Shopify developers team to create an easy to use WordPress site, tailored to you, and easy to update as your business grows.

Magento Development

Magento is one of the best-known Ecommerce platforms, offering self-hosted, customized solutions. Our in-house certified Magento developers can help a customized and high performing Magento website to meet the needs of your growing ecommerce brand.

Video & Photography


Take your marketing to the next level by including videos and media to your website and marketing channels. Brandastic can produce, shoot, and edit videos to make your brand stand out. We do animated videos including story boarding, interview style videos with your company spokesperson, drone video b-roll, and lifestyle videos with voice over or models, including sourcing.


From product shots to lifestyle images, we shoot it all. Work with a dedicated team that understands your brand vision and is able to create a mood board, source models, take care of shoot prep and edit. what you get is a seamless branding experience with a fully dedicated team at your disposal.

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