Total Tech Product Brand Assessment

When Brandastic was asked to conduct a brand strategy for Super Glue’s latest product, we wondered, what innovative strategy could we come up with for a name that essentially sells itself? Super Glue is a well-known household staple. Everybody knows Super Glue, right? Yes and no. The name Super Glue has been around for quite a bit. In fact, since 1951. However, the name is almost too well-known. What does this mean? Let us explain.

What Our Team Accomplished

Brandastic conducted a brand strategy assessment to determine the most viable and effective marketing approach for the product launch of Pacer Technologies, Total Tech. The main objective of the assessment was to generate impressions, increase site traffic and enhance social engagement through an integrated social media strategy.

Main Objective

Generate impressions, increase site traffic and enhance social engagement through an integrated social media strategy for Super Glue’s, Total Tech.

Quantitative Measurements

Impressions, Direct Traffic, Site Traffic and Social Engagement

Assess Website Analytics

In tandem with market research, Brandastic assessed their current website’s analytics and user behavior to glean insight as to who they are currently attracting and what can be improved to enhance their online presence and exposure to new markets.

Market Research & Analysis

Once we established the goals and objectives of the assessment, the first step was to identify the target audience. Through an in-depth competitor deep dive and industry trends analysis, Brandastic uncovered a largely untapped audience that would be the most likely to use their product.

Develop Personas

Based on the compilation of the market research assessed, the team compiled distinct personas to simply define and segment the core target audiences we intend to reach through the established marketing strategy.

What Platforms Are Our Audience Using?

What Platforms Are Our Audience Shop?

Create the Brand Message

Once we determined who we are reaching, it was time to craft the message. Understanding that it was critical to speak to the younger DIY audience, Brandastic developed concepts specific to this growing niche audience.

Determine the Go-to-Market Strategy

Once we have the message, it’s time to determine where it needs to be seen. The Go-to-Market strategy is determined through a compilation of the most effective channels, necessary budgets, and the type of asset required to best achieve their goals.

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