Health & Fitness B2C Lead Generation

Orangetheory Fitness is a popular and dynamic fitness program that combines cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in a group setting. Their goal was to increase conversion across 50 locations in California.

What Our Team Accomplished

Social Ad Strategy + Creative: Our team set up, managed and generated leads for Orangetheory Fitness.

We achieved the lowest average cost per lead across all Orangetheory Fitness studios nationwide.

The Challenge

After a hard hitting season where the market saw a lot of canceled subscriptions at home workouts, it was a struggle to bring people together and have them recommit to monthly memberships for group workouts. Their goals were to generate local awareness of openings across their studios, build relevant traffic to their website, and convert those interested.

Our Solution

Our team maximized Facebook’s algorithm capabilities by casting a wide net to potential customers through a large Traffic campaign. Targeting 50+ locations at the individual ad set level, this campaign brought relevant traffic to the site which we then leveraged through a more cost-effective remarketing campaign to drive conversions. This campaign objective was effective in determining whether 1) the traffic generated was in fact quality and 2) resulted in first-time class attendees.

Ad Formats and Platforms
  • Meta: Images, Videos and Carousels
  • TikTok: Videos
Target Audience


The modern mom


the Sweaty Socializer


the Do it All Dad

Linda & Robert

The Active Empty Nesters

Campaign Types
Conversion Campaigns

Leading viewers directly to the website

Remarketing Campaigns

Leveraging relevant site traffic to drive conversions

Lead Generation Campaigns

Utilize In-App Forms to maximize lead acquisition

Overall Strategy
A/B Testing
  • Targeting

Identifying the most relevant audiences through utilization of Interest/Demographic Targeting, Website Visitors, Active on OTF Social Profiles, Membership Lists (Lookalike Audiences)

  • Messaging

Measuring Key Motivators (Emotional vs. Physical benefits)

  • Creative

Experimented with polished video and imagery against user-generated content across social platforms to see which creative resulted in the most conversions.

Hyper Localization

Set-up 50+ ad sets, targeting the nearest studio within the specific radius with its corresponding FB/IG Profile.

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