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Marketing is an essential piece of the puzzle if you want to launch or grow your business. In a saturated market you need a forward-looking marketing plan that’s not only sustainable, but will give you a competitive advantage and tangible results.


By the Numbers

“For over a year working collaboratively with the Brandastic team, I can certainly say that they are strategically experienced, knowledgeable and resourceful in the Paid Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing arenas, and they have been by far the best Digital Marketing agency I have worked with.

Here are some of our achieved figures that may say it all:


Action Wholesale Products


increase in Conversions (YOY)


increase in Conversion Value (YOY)


increase in Conversion Rate (YOY)


Return on Ad Spend


Action Wholesale Products

Here’s How We’ll Tackle Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Step 1. Discovery

Market Research

Competitor Analysis

Persona Development

Brand Assessment

Messaging and Creative Review

Step 2. Concept Ideation

Goals & Strategic Foundation

Channel Selections

Lead & Conversion Funnels

Marketing Calendar

Step 3. Planning, Activation, & Iteration

Tracking Implementation

Collateral Build Out

Ad Visuals & Copy

Campaign Creation

Data-based Optimizations


Our Best Results To Date

“Brandastic proved to be extremely responsive and knowledgeable. They also showcased their exquisite ability to communicate with the client’s IT team regarding complex issues. The Brandastic team is extremely responsive via email and well-organized on recurring monthly phone calls.

We have seen some of our best PPC results to-date by working with Brandastic. Many of our conversion rates have lowered to reach our initial goals and our impressions have greatly increased. We have more people commenting on our retargeting ads now than ever before.


Director of Marketing & Communications | Meathead Movers

A multi-faceted approach to Digital Marketing

When you partner with Brandastic, you have a powerhouse of in-house designers, creatives, and marketers. Instead of a silo-ed campaign that gives diminishing returns, you have all of the below services at your fingertips.

Market Research



Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization


Strategy Build Out

Paid Media Management


Email Marketing

Content Creation

Website Design & Development


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Brandastic?

Are you ready to make your business shine and stand out from the competition? Work with Brandastic.

When you search “digital marketing agency near me”, think of us—a full-service digital marketing agency in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Austin. We’re here to help your business gain a competitive edge, every step of the way. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how does Brandastic approach it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your online visibility by ranking certain pages (or blog posts) on your site in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

This means that when someone searches for a particular keyword your business is targeting, one of your site’s pages will show up in the results.

But it’s not that simple.

SEO takes strategy and a deep understanding of how search engine algorithms work. At Brandastic, we know what search engines are looking for when they “crawl” your site, and we understand what it takes to get your page ranked in the top results.

Doing SEO on your own will only bring about headaches and take up precious time that can be spent running your business.

Some of our expert SEO services include:

Keyword research and strategy development: When you trust us with your SEO strategy, we’ll start by getting to know your business, your ideal customers, and your competition. Using advanced SEO tools and techniques, we’ll perform an SEO audit of your site to see where it currently ranks for important search queries. We’ll also research any keyword opportunities that have a strong potential to drive traffic to your site.

Technical SEO: We have an in-house team of developers and SEO specialists who can take care of the technical aspects of your SEO strategy. These elements might involve diagnosing issues with your site, such as slow speeds, 404 errors, and other problems that may result from bad coding practices. Sites with a strong technical foundation are more likely to rank in the SERPs.

SEO-optimized content writing: Our team of content writers works alongside the SEO department to create high-ranking blog posts and pages on your site. We’ll also continuously update your site with quality content, which can help build authority and keep the search engines happy.

Link building and link analysis: Gaining backlinks for authoritative sites is critical in SEO. This is what tells the search engines that your site houses valuable content that’s both helpful and engaging. As a result, search engines are more likely to rank your site in the top results, making it more accessible to more searchers.

What is Paid Search Advertising (PPC) and how does it work?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or paid search involves creating captivating ads that show up in search engines. Not to be confused with SEO, PPC ads are paid ads that are separate from organic search results.

If you’ve ever done a Google search where you entered a particular keyword, then you may remember seeing PPC ads. At the top and even the bottom of the page, you might have seen a few ads with a headline and captivating copy to draw your attention.

If done correctly, these ads have high conversion rates, and they attract customers who are actively looking for the type of product or service you offer.

Because you don’t have to rank in the search engines in order for your ads to display to online users, PPC can potentially help you expand your reach more quickly than SEO.

So, while SEO services are useful for improving your online presence and rankings, PPC is a great option if you want to quickly grab the attention of search engine users.

It takes a skilled PPC advertising specialist to find the right keywords, create eye-catching copy, and optimize ads to attract the right customers.

That’s what Brandastic can do. Our skilled PPC strategists have the knowledge, tools, and experience to create a compelling offer that targets the right demographic. Then, once we create your campaign, we’ll optimize your results so that your ads reach their maximum potential.

We offer:

Paid Google advertising
Remarketing and retargeting campaigns
Bing ad management and marketing
Quarterly strategy and weekly reviews

Can Social Media Marketing & Advertising be effective?

Social media marketing is fast becoming an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness, reach ideal customers, and engage an audience.

More and more businesses are leveraging social media channels—and for good reason. When you make your business approachable and humanize your brand, it makes it much easier for people to relate to you and gain their trust.

Whether you’re posting a compelling story, talking about the benefits of your product or service, or even sharing a testimonial video that shows how you were able to help a customer, having a strong social media presence can help you achieve excellent results.

Like social media marketing, advertising can also be highly rewarding for your business. Posting ads on social media platforms can help your business gain more exposure and drive traffic to your website. Paid social media ads can attract the right people to your business. Why?

Because social media platforms allow you to create ad campaigns that target a specific audience—people who are most likely to be interested in your business.

Plus, each platform allows you to install a pixel (snippets of code) on your website, which allows you to track certain actions people take after viewing and engaging with your ads. This allows you to optimize your campaigns and retarget cold leads who haven’t converted.

As you can probably imagine, there’s a lot that goes into social media marketing and advertising, which is why you need an expert to handle the job.

At Brandastic, we offer social media marketing services that are tailored to your ideal customer and brand. From creating posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to building custom audiences, we can help you reach more prospects and drive sales to your websites.

When you trust us with your social media marketing strategy, we’ll:

Manage ad spending to help you achieve a positive ROI.
Install Facebook pixels to track conversions.
Build custom audiences to help you target the right people.
Provide detailed reports to show you how your campaign is performing.
Set up remarketing campaigns to convert the people who have visited your website.
Create dynamic product ads to show to people who viewed your product pages.

Can Brandastic help with Amazon Marketing?

You need a robust marketing strategy for your Amazon business to one-up the competition.
We can help. At Brandastic, we have the knowledge, tools, and resources to help you build an Amazon marketing campaign with a high ROI.

Our Amazon Marketing services include:

Sponsored product (PPC)
Sponsored brands
Sponsored display ads
Amazon SEO
Account setup and strategy consultation
Company goal metrics and review
Keyword and content optimization
Photo and video optimization

Is Content Marketing really worth it?

You’ve probably heard the popular phrase, “Content is king”. While it might sound cliche, it’s definitely true. In our digital world, whenever we want to research a topic or learn more about it, what’s the first thing we do? Perform a quick search online to find the answer.

And that’s exactly what many of your potential customers will do. They’ll research a particular problem or question they’re having, and end up on a blog post or page that gives them the answers they’re looking for.

Oftentimes, it’s a business that’s providing those answers. This helps to build the potential customer’s trust and establishes the business as an authority in its industry. In a nutshell, that’s what content marketing is—the process of curating thought leadership content to help people solve problems.

And through this process, you can show them that you’re knowledgeable in your industry, and your motives aren’t just to sell a product or service, but to actually help them address a challenge.

But creating 100% unique content that’s both easy to read and provides value isn’t easy. It requires a well-thought-out strategy—something an expert can do.

Here’s what our process looks like when curating quality content for your business:

We’ll build a strong content strategy. Our first step is to get to know your brand. This involves scoping out the competition, identifying any content gaps, discovering relevant keywords, and understanding your desired brand voice.

We’ll begin crafting high-quality content that gets results. After getting to know your business, we’ll create a content strategy and content calendar that shows what you’re going to be posting and when. From there, our professional content writers will craft copy that conveys your brand voice and resonates with customers. We’ll also handle posting, promotion, and outreach to make sure your content gets in front of the right people.

We’ll measure results to see how your content performs. Next, we’ll look at key metrics to see how well your content is performing. This might involve checking how much traffic your top-performing articles are driving, looking at new and returning visitors, and measuring KPIs like bounce rate and time on page. If we see anything that needs improvement, we make the necessary changes and optimize your content.

Does Brandastic offer Video & Photography services?

At Brandastic, we know that visual content grabs attention and gets tons of engagement with potential customers. That’s why video and photography can add a whole new dimension to your online presence—literally.

But it takes the right strategy and vision for video marketing to work. And that’s why you need the help of a team that’s been around the block. We’re not only a digital marketing agency. We’re also a creative agency that aims to set your business apart from the rest with our unique vision.

Our video and photography services include:

Custom video and photography strategy
Drone video footage
Lifestyle shots
Enhanced interview videos

What’s the benefit of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Getting visitors to your site is one thing, but actually converting them is another story. Conversion refers to the process of getting a site visitor to perform a certain action such as downloading a resource (i.e. ebook, guide, whitepaper, etc.), filling out a form, or completing a purchase. So, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about optimizing your website or landing page to increase conversions.

At Brandastic, we have the expertise to turn website traffic into conversions. We do this through a number of strategies, which include:

Creating click-worthy CTAs within blog posts
Adding lead flows on your blog
Running tests on your landing pages
Optimizing high-performing blog posts
Using retargeting to re-engage website visitors
Running A/B tests
Creating lead capture forms

In addition to these techniques, we’ll also perform an in-depth CRO audit to study and measure user behavior. Then, we’ll update your pages based on those results.

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