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Take your User Experience Design To The Next Level.

Take your User Experience Design To The Next Level.

User interface (UI) & user experience (UX) design is all in the details. Unforgettable user experience starts with strategy. That’s where the usability of your interface meets the personality of your brand. At Brandastic, we build functional wireframes to map out each step a user might take. We then build upon that by establishing an emotional connection through imagery, color, interactivity, and typography to create a design that encompasses your brand vision online.

We make sure our designs are satisfying to use and easy to interact with. Now that people spend more time online, businesses can’t afford to ignore user experience & user interaction design that pleases and converts. That’s where Brandastic comes in.

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Our Design Process

01. We Build Out A Wireframe

A wireframe is an outline of a web or mobile application that helps us demonstrate structure, content, and functionality. We like to call wireframes the skeleton of the UI/UX process.

02. We Fine-Tune The User Interface (UI) Concept

The next step is developing a UI concept or mockup. While a wireframe is the skeleton, the mockup is the skin. This is where we go over color, layout, design, typography, and the overall feel of your site or product.

03. We Create A Prototype

Once we have the wireframe and mockup built out, the next step is to create a prototype to demonstrate how the UI/UX design will work in the real world.

04. Our Development Team Gets To Work

Now that the design is nailed down, we hand everything over to our expert development team to implement the work.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why Brandastic?

We have over 15 years experience in digital marketing and web development. Our team has won design awards and helped hundreds of companies to grow their online presence.

What Is the Difference Between UI & UX?

User experience (UX) is the internal experience that a person has when they interact with all the different aspects of a company’s products and services. On the other hand, user interface (UI) is the sum of the screens, pages, and visual elements that allow a user to interact with a product or service. In other words, UX and UI work together and rely on each other, but cannot be used interchangeably. Why is UI/UX design important for a business?What makes an amazing user experience?

Why is UX/UI Important For a Business

UX/UI design is important because at its core, it works to fulfill customer/user needs. More specifically, crafting a meaningful user experience will help you understand customer journeys on your website and how to leverage that to increase interaction with your product, service, or website. What makes an amazing user experience?

What Makes An Amazing User Experience?

This question doesn’t necessarily have one specific answer. That’s because everyone is different and so is user experience. That’s why empathy and understanding your customer is extremely important in crafting a UI/UX strategy. That’s why we use every tool at our disposal to understand how users interact with your site as well as conduct first-hand research and observations. 

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