By Megan |  Jun 12, 2013 (5 min read)


If you feel intimidated by Twitter or can’t seem to understand what makes it so different from the rest of social media, stay tuned. With over 500 million users, Twitter allows businesses of all ranks to advertise equally on their site. With endless retweeting, following, hashtagging, and sharing, your business can only thrive on Twitter.

The following are just some of many features that make Twitter clever and efficient for marketing your business.

1) With every tweet that you post, you are allowed to use up to 140 characters. Sure, you may be thinking that’s all? But don’t underestimate the power of less is more. The 140 character rule is actually not so bad. It allows you to say what you want to say by getting straight to the point. None of that excess boring fluff! Do more than just promote your business with your tweets; be funny, creative, and share information by using a compelling approach. Testing out different ways to tweet your desired message can be very helpful in doing this. Every word you choose to post counts, so select each one wisely!

2) Still not so sure about getting your message across in 140 characters? Here is where you can take advantage of adding pictures and videos to your tweets. Adding images to your messages can only enhance your tweets. Ask questions regarding the pictures you post or just share them for entertainment purposes. Twitter also allows you to link videos from several applications and sites, such as YouTube and Vine. Don’t dismiss these supplements without trying them out. They are great ways to attract more attention to your Twitter page!

3) Gain more followers on Twitter through retweets and hashtags. By hashtagging key words you can connect to more than just your own following. People who have never even heard of your business can find your tweets this way. You may even receive more responses and feedback. Keep in mind that whenever someone retweets your post, it reaches out to a whole new list of individuals, and so on, and so forth. Many people on Twitter follow brands for exclusive offers, tips, discounts, and deals. Retweets and hashtags are an excellent way to lead your business to more potential clients.

There’s no reason to avoid tweeting any longer, start successfully representing your brand on Twitter today!

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