Happy Customers

3 Proven Methods for Increasing Customer Retention

A happy customer is a continuing customer! For most businesses, 80% of the company’s future revenue comes from 20% of its existing customers, according to the Gartner Group…

ecommerce website development

Keeping Up with eCommerce in 2017

With e-commerce stores quickly taking over brick-and-mortar stores (over 6000 storefronts have closed in Q1 2017 alone according to a Credit Suisse Report), it is imperative that online…

An example of good design

Design: Capturing the Heart of your Brand

Humans are visual creatures — over 90% of data processed and consumed by the brain is visual information.  In 2017, visual design and branding are more important than…

fall pinecones

Holiday Campaigns

  The Holiday season is here, and with it comes many great opportunities to extend gratitude and warm wishes to those who have built relationships with your company…

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