8 Mobile Apps That Make Your Digital Marketing Life Easier

8 Must Have Digital Marketing Apps in 2019

Is it possible to run your entire business via a mobile phone? Even though mobile technology has come a long way, most businesses today still depend on desktop…

three website design tips

15 Ways to Grow Engagement for your Website

If the Facebook and Instagram outage earlier this week has taught us anything, it’s that having your own home on the web is incredibly important. A website is…

browser testing guide

How to do Browser Testing for your New Website

Every time you use the internet, it’s likely that you use the same web browser most of the time. You might not even think about why you do,…

above the fold marketing website design

Visual Cues to Keep Them Scrolling

Since the early days of newspapers, there has been a constant quest for attention from readers. In today’s online marketing world, first, you must get a person to…

Three mistakes to avoid when designing your logo

For a designer, a company logo is an exciting challenge. It must represent many different aspects at once. It must be stand out and be memorable. It must…

Google’s Material Design Innovations in 2018

New Material Design innovations in 2018

With the launch of Gmail’s new design, we have seen new features such as the Snooze and Smart Reply features. But alongside these changes,  there has been a…

A Simple Guide to Choosing Fonts for the Web

A Guide to Choosing Fonts for the Web (Part Two)

In the previous article, we looked at the basics of choosing fonts for practical and readability reasons. In this article, we will explore some of the more nuanced…

website development fonts

A Guide to Choosing Fonts for the Web (Part One)

When I tell people I am a web designer, many people think I mostly work on the visual images, or the shapes I design for logos. That’s true,…

material design lite

Material Design Lite: The Trendiest Web Designs of 2017

Google’s Material Design has taken over web design trends in the last few years. With their signature flat designs and masterful layering, UI designers are incorporating this style…

seo agency working

Web Design Elements That Increase Conversion Rates

When your product or service is in high demand, but your conversion rate is low it is time to do some troubleshooting. An integral part of any website…

Brandastic Teaches At Chapman University

  We are pleased to announce Justin, Brandastic’s Founder and President has accepted a position as a lecturer at Chapman University for Fall 2014. Teaching Web Design and…

choosing colors for your brand

The Power of Color for Brand Identity

Whether we are on the road, shopping at the store, or even sitting in the comfort of our own homes, we can’t help but notice the logos of…

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