Should You Pause SEO and PPC During a Crisis?

Should You Pause SEO and PPC During a Crisis?

During a crisis, it feels like waiting is a wise option. Seeing what ‘the market’ or your competitors are doing seems less risky. However, following the lead of others is the surest way to become obsolete. 

7 Website Content Tips to Help You Stand Out

7 Website Content Creation Tips to Help You Stand Out

Implement these seven tips, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a great website that users will be more inclined to visit and will want to keep coming back to.

What is Alexa Rank? Does it Matter for SEO?

Alexa rank is important in the sense that it provides you high-level data with how traffic and engagement fare. This data allows you to get a better understanding of your site and a general idea of what to work on to improve your popularity.


SEO vs. PPC: Which is Better For Your Business?

Organic traffic is considered free or earned. On the other hand, pay-per-click (PPC), deals with paid advertising. Both are valuable and when used in tandem, they can skyrocket your online visibility and sales. 

3 Tips To Improve Your Website Rankings

3 Tips To Improve Your Website Rankings In No Time [VIDEO]

The SEO landscape today is a silent battleground that only the most optimized websites thrive in. Here’s what you can do to become a worthy contender.

3 Ways To Optimize Your Website Content For Voice Search [VIDEO]

The normal written search results don’t automatically transfer into voice search results. For your content to be chosen by voice assistants, it must be properly optimized. Here’s how to do it.

3 Tips To Make Your SEO Successful

3 Tips To Make Your SEO Successful [VIDEO]

Everyone wants more organic traffic from Google, but getting it requires a lot of sophisticated tactics, and there’s so much to know before you implement it.

The Overlooked Importance of Heading Tags for SEO

Today, in our world of information overload, headings, and headlines matter even more. Headers from H1 to H6 are organizational tools that guide search engines and your readers through your content. 

What is CRO and Why You Can't Afford to Ignore It?

What is CRO? Why Can’t You Afford to Ignore It?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of optimizing your website or landing page experience based on visitor behavior. It can drive more sales and improve the overall quality of your site.

How to Get More from your Google My Business Listing

Grow your Reach with Google My Business

You might have noticed that when you type a business name or a product into Google, you get a unique type of result.  Instead of a snippet or…

The 11 Best SEO Tools to Improve Your Rankings in 2020

Here are 11 great tools for SEO research for business. Each SEO tool can help set up your business for success in SERP ranking, and to increase your online reach.

screengrab fro video with marketer talking about algorithm update

How The Bert Updates Will Impact Your SEO [VIDEO]

The BERT update allows Google to better comprehend the context of what a person is searching for. It aims to understand the nuances of our everyday language to improve the quality of search results.

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