Using Instagram for Business in 2019

Using Instagram for Business in 2019 | Brandastic ‘Roundtable’

Recently a few of our team members at Brandastic sat down to discuss some of the best strategies and ideas for using Instagram in your business in 2019.…

Engage More with your audience Before You Spend More on ads

Engage More Before You Spend More

By taking the time to build up an active community, you can potentially reduce your ad spend over time and begin to grow your organic and social reach.

8 Mobile Apps That Make Your Digital Marketing Life Easier

8 Must Have Digital Marketing Apps in 2019

Is it possible to run your entire business via a mobile phone? Even though mobile technology has come a long way, most businesses today still depend on desktop…

5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies that are Working in 2019

5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies That Work in 2019

Many people still perceive LinkedIn as a resume and job posting site. But times have changed. Especially for those in B2B industries, LinkedIn is quietly becoming a lead…

3 Ways to Stay In Touch With Existing Customers

3 Ways to Stay In Touch With Existing Customers

Most business owners are obsessed with finding new customers. And that’s a good practice because it helps your business to grow. However, did you know that acquiring new…

How to run AB testing for facebook

How to A/B Test a Facebook Campaign in 5 Steps

Imagine you’re due to have major surgery and your surgeon says to you, “Hmmm we’ve never really done this before, but thanks to you, we’re able to test…

How to use Reddit for your Digital Marketing

How to Use Reddit for Marketing Your Business

Even if you’re not familiar with Reddit, it’s worth considering as a way to tweak and improve your digital marketing. During the past 14 years, the Reddit platform…

3 tips to increase PPC conversion ratio

3 Tips to Increase Your PPC Conversion Ratio [VIDEO]

Did you know that 88% of people who do Pay-Per-Click advertising are NOT happy with their click-through and conversion rates? Considering that last year in 2017 business owners spent…

checkout on instagram

Checkout On Instagram Is a Game Changer for Ecommerce

In 2019, Instagram is fast becoming the epicenter of the social media universe. And soon, with the inclusion of ‘Checkout on Instagram’ as a beta feature, it could…

3 Secrets to Better Instagram Engagement

3 Secrets to Better Instagram Engagement [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that Instagram has grown into a huge platform in terms of activity and engagement. Today there are over 1 Billion users, with 500 million users…

instagram marketing 2018

The Value of Instagram Marketing for Business

For most business owners, they’re so busy running their business that updating social media seems like a pointless waste of time. Why bother posting day after day, just…

How Indirect Marketing works in 2018

How Indirect Marketing works in 2019

If you run a business today, you’ve probably heard about the different types of marketing approaches available. You know that you need to spend time and invest money…

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