Mobile Apps for Marketers

The blossoming of new ideas and how to connect them to each individual is the foundation for mobile application creations. The ability to generate service applications on mobile devices is on the rise, as people are pleading for the convenience. As of this past May, reports showed that IOS and Google Play app downloads totaled $260+ billion last year. Which explains why roughly 80% of Internet users are turning to their mobile devices for activity usage.

With audiences turning to mobile devices and applications, the commencement of marketers using these applications would only coincide. By doing this, marketers can stay in touch with target audiences at all times, and make sure that their company’s or clients’ voices are being heard. There are many applications that can help you do just this, assisting with your marketing management on a mobile level. Here are just a couple of platforms that can make your marketing efforts seamless.

Applications like Hootsuite, take any of your social accounts and puts them all into one manageable interface, giving you the opportunity to track any brand mentions across the web, and even schedule posts across all social media platforms at once. The best part is you can use this application for free (upgraded version available).

Other applications even have the ability to promote employee brand advocacy. Having brand advocates can be a key as more people want the opinions of others, and first hand reviews are essential to conversions. EveryoneSocial is a mobile application that encourages employees to become a team of advocates and share your content on their own social accounts. It brings word-of-mouth marketing to a new level, and in a very powerful way.

Making sure that your company’s brand voice is heard on every platform, to your target, is crucial. Your consumers want to hear you, and they want to connect. Brandastic’s Brand Care services understands how important that is by implementing your brand voice across all platforms, interacting with consumers, and dedicating the proper time and marketing,

Learn more about Brand Care services and let your brand voice be heard today >>

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