The 8 Best Google Analytics Alternatives for 2021

By Ben |  May 4, 2022 (5 min read)

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For most digital marketers, Google Analytics is the default choice for monitoring web traffic and user behavior. 

After all, it’s free to use and offers in-depth analytics and useful reporting features. Best of all, it integrates perfectly with other powerful Google Marketing Platform tools such as Google Optimize and Google Tag Manager.

Some business owners may be looking for an analytics tool with a more straightforward user interface. Others might want more cutting-edge features. Finally, some people prefer an open-source analytics tool that doesn’t collect any personal data. 

Whatever the reasoning, the good news is that there are several high-quality Google analytics alternatives to choose from.

If you are looking for the best Google Analytics alternatives to analyze and report your web traffic, then here is a list of eight of our favorite tools.

8 Best Google Analytics Alternatives To Try in 2021

google analytics alternatives



With a fun-sounding name, Clicky offers analytics software that not only tracks your business metrics but also allows you to see the actions of your visitors, using tools such as heatmaps, monitor uptime, and more.

While they are not as well known as other larger companies, their software is currently used on over 1 Million websites. Another cool feature is that Every report in Clicky is up-to-the-minute real-time. You can see how many visitors are on your site. You can also launch heatmaps from the widget, all without leaving your site.

Pricing: Click also offers incredible value. There are four pricing tiers from the Free plan to the Pro Platinum plan at $19.99/month.

google analytics alternatives

2) Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics offers an excellent Google Analytics alternative from one of the world’s best-known software companies. Adobe Analytics is a smart analytics solution with powerful features and excellent support. However, it comes at a cost.

Features: This analytics tool’s key strengths are the user-friendly interface. It offers the ability to capture data from various sources (websites, email campaigns, web-based applications, and mobile devices) and can also track cross-platform advertising analytics.

Adobe Analytics users can import and integrate data from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and other search advertising networks to gain an overall understanding of their business’ marketing performance. While Adobe Analytics is less intuitive to use than Google Analytics, it is much easier to share data with other users.

Pricing: Adobe Analytics does not publish pricing on their website, and interested users must request a demo to get started with Adobe Analytics. Some sources suggest that pricing starts at $300,000 for an annual license. So this tool may only appeal to enterprise-level companies who need a robust reporting system.


google analytics alternatives

3) KissMetrics

Kissmetrics is an analytics tool that offers powerful funnel-analysis software. It helps you better understand customer behavior and automate customer engagement.

Features: Used by over 900 companies, including some well-known brands such as Unbounce and Sendgrid, Kissmetrics was started by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah. Kissmetrics is excellent for SaaS product and marketing teams. They offer the information you need to acquire qualified prospects, convert more trials into paying customers and reduce customer churn.

Their value proposition specifically positions them as a Google Analytics alternative: “Move past unreliable session-based analytics like GA into advanced user-based insights.”

Pricing: only available by booking a demo on their website. Their plans start at $299/month and go up to $499/month, depending upon the volume of unique visitors your site gets each month.

google analytics alternatives

4) Plai

Plai (pronounced ‘play’) combines analytics reports from Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Youtube. 

With over 20,000 users, it offers a smooth visual experience that helps track your marketing results from day-to-day. The app also offers keyword research and trending content tools and promises to save users 20+ hours on marketing each month.

Features: Before creating a marketing campaign or even a social post, the Plai app helps you access trending content in your niche, discover relevant keywords, and learn the latest marketing strategies. 

Plai is an easy-to-use marketing app and is a great way to get more familiar with your business’s marketing analytics.

Pricing: Plai is free to download and try, and paid plans start at $14.99/month, or $7.99/month if paid annually.

google analytics alternatives

5) Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open-source Google analytics alternative. It offers digital marketers complete control of their web analytics software. 

In addition to the dozens of standard metrics and reports, marketers with some software development skills can customize Open Web Analytics to meet their reporting requirements.

Features: Open Web Analytics offers some powerful capabilities for monitoring web traffic and user behavior. Marketers can use this analytics platform to track common user behavior metrics like bounce rate, total page views, number of visitors, and average visit duration for their websites.

Marketers can track custom site actions (similar to Google Analytics goals or event tracking), view heatmaps and anonymized click-stream data, and even see what keywords bring them the most traffic.

Pricing: As an open-source software tool, Open Web Analytics is entirely free to download and install on your web domain.

google analytics alternatives

6) GoSquared

GoSquared is a web analytics tool built on the idea of simplicity and the idea that users shouldn’t have to take a training course to start improving their business outcomes with web analytics. GoSquared users enjoy a simplified set-up process and stunning dashboards that make it easy to visualize the most important insights that drive marketing improvement.

Features: GoSquared Analytics delivers on 100+ different features across four dashboards, all updating in real-time with the most critical metrics delivered to your email inbox each morning. GoSquared also offers a live chat product and is preparing to release a marketing automation solution for digital marketers.

Pricing: GoSquared Analytics is free for websites with 1,000 monthly page views or fewer. Paid subscriptions range between $29/month for websites with fewer than 100,000 monthly page views and $299/month for websites with between 5 million and 10 million monthly page views.

google analytics alternatives

7) Woopra 

Founded in 2012, Woopra aims to fulfill the need for analytics software that captures the entire user’s journey.

Features: Woopra has grown into a powerful analytics software platform. It doesn’t just show you the metrics; it helps you understand how and why the numbers relate to one another. It offers Full-funnel attribution, onboarding optimization, subscription growth, feature usage trends, and more.

This analytics tool is ideal for tech-savvy users and want a deeper understanding of their data than what something like Google analytics can provide.

Pricing: Most users will be able to use the free plan, but for high-end companies, the cost starts at $999/month.

google analytics alternatives

8) FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics is a simple business intelligence platform capable of tracking the performance of marketing across channels and helping you make optimizations that improve campaign results.

Features: FoxMetrics offers a deeper understanding of where your users are coming from, how they are engaging on your website, and how well they are converting.

Through dashboards that use existing data models, you can create powerful visual reports, then share them with clients and colleagues.

You can also monitor events in real-time, document all events on your website, and get alerts when abnormal events are detected.

Pricing: FoxMetrics offers a starter plan of $99/month for limited data volume. Their business plan costs $450/month for custom data volume and 24/7 premium user support.

Convenience Versus Clarity

Google analytics alternatives are ideal for digital marketers who want to protect their privacy with an open-source analytics solution or access additional features that Google Analytics doesn’t offer. 

Yes, Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool, but it can also be complicated. If you aren’t a technically-savvy person, figuring out how to use Google Analytics can be challenging.

As a business owner, you need to ask yourself whether spending a couple of weeks of your life learning Google Analytics is the best use of your time or whether you may want to consider a simpler analytics platform.

For most marketers, Google Analytics remains the best and most convenient choice for web analytics and reporting. Not to mention the fact it’s completely free. 

But if you are looking for more convenience or a deeper dive, then these Google analytics alternatives may be worth checking out in 2021.


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