Discovery + Code Review

Getting to know your brand.

At Brandastic, we have a dynamic team that will assess your business, your brand needs and together with YOU, we will collaborate with your team to explore new solutions that are more effective, cost efficient, and strengthen your internal processes to ignite a new path together.

From the very beginning Brandastic differentiated themselves by spending time with me to understand our model, and our objectives.

Exploring Company Vision & Goals


In the discovery phase, this is our chance to really get to know you and your brand. As we explore your company vision and goals, we gather the necessary information to determine what online platform will provide the best foundation for your online growth. This time will also be used to identify if there are existing high quality solutions that fit your requirements, or if we will need to build a custom solution tailored specifically to your business.


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Code Review

Building off of or managing a current site requires our team to assess existing code in order to diagnose any issues related to the server environment, configuration or extensions. Diving into the core code, we review that the code quality is up to standard to ensure the ability for our team to upgrade and continue development without any conflict.




Code Review
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