grow your website engagement

15 Ways to Grow Website Engagement in 2022

Here are 15 great ways to help your website visitors stay engaged on your site, and to buy from your e-commerce business.

How Often Do You Need to Update a Website?

How Often Do You Need to Update a Website?

Your website is your virtual ‘first impression’ of your company. You must ensure you invest time regularly to make the impression a favorable one.

How to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

How to Attract More Visitors to Your Website in 2022

Ensure your visitor is engaged with your brand by having an easily navigable website, a readable style, responsive design, and by offering incentives or promotions that provide value and build brand trust.

The Top 10 Ecommerce Platforms in 2020

The Top 20 Ecommerce Platforms in 2022

The ecommerce space is booming, and more companies are moving online than ever before. Here is an up-to-date list of the Top Ecommerce Platforms for 2022.

How to Choose a Domain Name for your Site

How to Choose a Domain Name for your Site

Your business website is your prime piece of real estate on the web. Unlike social media platforms, you completely own the content on your website, and you are…

how to lower bounce rate website

How to Lower Your Website Bounce Rate

You may have heard the term bounce rate and wondered what it means. Like a lot of technical SEO terms, it can be quite confusing to understand a…

How To Increase Your Conversions With Mobile Optimization

How To Use Mobile Optimization To Increase Conversions

Taking the time to optimize your website for mobile devices is one of the easiest ways to grow engagement, website traffic, and revenue.

How to Do a Content Audit To Boosts Your SEO

How to Do an SEO Content Audit

By regularly reviewing your existing content pieces, you can begin to raise the quality level and find ways to increase your SERP rankings.

Shopify logo on mobile device

The Top Shopify Agencies in California in 2021

If you are considering a Shopify ecommerce store, here is a list of the top Shopify developer agencies in Southern California. The list includes Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

white hat seo vs black hat seo - what's the difference

The Difference Between White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO grows long-term search rankings, and the volume of website conversions. Black hat SEO tactics have short-term ranking boosts and long term penalties tied to them.


The Overlooked Importance of Heading Tags for SEO

Today, in our world of information overload, headings, and headlines matter even more. Headers from H1 to H6 are organizational tools that guide search engines and your readers through your content. 

How to build a landing page that converts

How to Build a Landing Page that Converts

Landing Pages are purpose-built for conversions. You must do everything you can to optimize and gain full benefit from the time and money you spend trying to attract new customers.

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