Choosing Your Domain Name

Looking to register a new domain name, or swapping your existing site’s domain name? With the ease of which people can create sites, it is getting harder to find your first choice for a domain name unregistered and available for purchase. You can always try a .net or .biz, but .com’s prove their worth through being the most known and trusted domain extension to your customers. What else should you take into account? We’ve compiled a list of ideas to take into account when choosing a domain name.

Make it Memorable

As always, your customers come first. What domain name will stick and appeal to your customers? Consider adding a keyword of your field of business to keep your domain higher in ranking, and memorable to customers. will not be as descriptive as In this way, those searching for your type of business know they are at a website that suits their needs.

Short and Sweet

Harping on the above, nothing is less memorable and prone to forgetting than a long domain name. Keeping your name short and relevant to your business makes it easier for customers to view your site and eliminate odds of typos and misspellings getting in the way of connecting to your site. Similarly, any domain name that is easy to type, three words or less, gives your domain name less


Consider targeting your domain name to keywords that customers would use to search for you. This would make your website more relevant to these targeted keywords, and could increase how your site ranks on search engines. thought longer, will bring in more specific customers than alone would. This is especially useful now that single word .com’s are in less supply. Find a good balance in memorable domain names and their length by choosing targeted words as your domain name.

Other things to consider are the amount of years you have housed your old domain. If you are in the market to switch out, it might be beneficial for SEO rankings to maintain your old domain, because older domains rank higher. Anything brand new up on the internet will not be as trusted, but a bad domain main that isn’t in line with your brand won’t bring in customers no matter how long it stays up there.

For more information on setting up your domain and website, contact Brandastic. With over 15 years experience, we have our full team of design and web development experts ready to work with you every step of the way. From website design and development to E-commerce, brand care, marketing strategies and more, we are ready to put your business on the map and Ignite your Potential®!



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